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5 Tips For Future Round-The-World Travelers

5 Tips For Future Round-The-World Travelers

We’ve interviewed over 20 fantastic travelers in our #rtwsoon interview series which focuses on those about to embark on long-term travel.

The final question we ask them is always the same:

If you could give just one piece of advice to a fellow #rtwsoon traveler, what would it be?

The two of us went through the answers and looking back at our own round-the-world trip, we narrowed it down to our top five favorites that we guarantee will make your round-the-world trip a success.

So if you’re on the verge of taking a round-the-world trip or even just considering it, do read on for some essential advice!


1. Divide The Responsibilities

This one applies more to couples but if you’re spending any of your time traveling with friends, it’s also very relevant. The two of us made sure that we had our own set of responsibilities and as a result, our round-the-world trip went relatively smoothly.

From Dan & Alissa, This World Rocks
If you are traveling with another person, it is important to divide responsibilities to avoid arguments and disagreements. We have a system where Dan plans how and when we will get to a destination, and Alissa plans what we do when we get there. Splitting up the duties like this has allowed us to stay much more relaxed when traveling and has freed up more time for us to enjoy the destination we’re currently in.

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2. Be Flexible, Your Plans Will Change

Some of us love to plan but with a round-the-world trip, it’s near impossible. Instead set yourself a rough guide but be prepared for those plans to go completely out the window when other opportunities arise!

From Lindsey, Chasing The Wild
This is obviously important on the road, but also in the planning processes and the overall expectations you have of your trip. My trip has changed so much since it’s conception, and in so many ways. Don’t get too hung up on what other travellers are doing, and open yourself to all the possibilities. I could have saved myself a bit of heartache by not holding onto the initial preconceptions (from back in March when I first decided to go!) I had of my trip so fiercely. Your destinations, your goals for your trip, even how you travel it, will all change. And that’s part of the beauty of travel.

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3. Chill Out

Before our first round-the-world trip, we were frantic. But as is always the way with the travel, so long as you’ve got the essentials (passport, money, toothbrush, etc) then everything else will tend to work out. So chill out and go with the flow! You’ll probably have more fun that way!

From Amar, Gap Year Escape
Just leading on from what I said before; chill out. I’ve noticed a massive difference between going on my first Gap Year and leading up to my second one. The first time I must admit I was far too excited and keen which is totally understandable. I think I’ve just learnt to take things as they come. Don’t read a guide book, leave things to chance and make mistakes. You’ll never have a smooth journey regardless of whether you plan every detail or not so why bother? Just relax and enjoy the journey.

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4. It Can Be Hard Work

It’s only natural to have your doubts in the lead-up to long-term travel. Am I making the right decision? Should I go to country A or country B? There are so many questions that will pop-up in your head that it’s hard not to get freaked out a little bit.

Be prepared for that and keep your eyes on the ultimate prize – the day you start the best chapter of your life!

From Liz, Traveling Liz
I would say prepare yourself for how much work and stress planning a trip like this really is. It’s going to be fun and exciting –  but it’s also going to be hard. Don’t worry if you have moments of worry or doubt. That’s totally normal. Just keep working towards your goal and you will get there eventually.

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5. Most importantly.. JUST DO IT!

This was by far the most popular response and it’s great advice. Stop making excuses about why you can’t travel and just do it!

From Matt and Caro, Passport And A Toothbrush
Stop thinking about it and do it! More specifically, set a date. Once you set a date, you make it a priority to yourself that you will travel on that day.

From Katie, Katie Going Global
Just bite the bullet and do it. I spent a lot of time waiting for one thing or the other to happen before I moved ahead with planning my trip. Finally, I realized I just needed to set a departure date and make everything else work around that goal.

From Julia, Homeless and Confused
If you want it, do it. I had convinced myself that after I had missed the university Gap Year boat that I would no longer be able to take a long-term trip and that I was too tied down with responsibilities. This is nonsense. You are only as tied as you allow yourself to be and it is never too late to chase your dreams.

From Becki, Backpacker Becki
Never be a victim to regret. Follow your heart and if you are unsure about whether to visit somewhere or try something, just do it! Even if you end up disliking it, you tried, and I believe there is nothing more valuable in life than experience and making the most of every opportunity.

From Kim, So Many Places
My advice to anyone who has a big dream is JUST DO IT. Life is for living. There will never be a perfect time to make a drastic change and it will always be scary. I read somewhere that your dream isn’t big enough if it doesn’t scare you and I think that’s true. If we live in our comfort zones we will never become more than what we are.


What advice would YOU give to a future round-the-world traveler?