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An Interview with Amy & Kieron

An Interview with Amy & Kieron

We’ve interviewed our fair share of #rtwsoon travelers over the past 6 months to help give you all some travel inspiration. But what we realized is that due to our travel plans being a secret until recently, we haven’t shared that much information on Don’t Ever Look Back about ourselves.

So we thought the best way to do this would be to answer our own questions! We also asked our fans on our Facebook Page to submit questions for us to answer. Here are our answers:

About Us

Amy and Kieron

Amy and Kieron - the pair behind Don't Ever Look Back.

Who are you?

A: I’m 24 years old and what you would describe as the ultimate “girly girl”. I love the colour pink, I love my fashion and I have a huge shoe fetish. Not exactly your typical budget traveler, hey? But I’m going to try my best to adapt and I’m sure I’ll be fine! I’ve been working in the beauty industry for the past 7 years and at the moment I work as a Clarins Counter Manager within a pharmacy.

K: I’m 26 and grew up on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. In 2008 I completed my Bachelor of Business and Commerce and since then I’ve been working in the digital marketing department of a Credit Union. I’m also a freelance web/graphic designer which keeps me very busy and will hopefully one day lead to location independence.

I’m a big sports fan and would say that Australian Rules football would be my #1 sport, although I also enjoy cricket, basketball and… well, just about any sport really!

How did you meet?

Question from Two 4 Travel

K: We were at party and I noticed Amy as soon as she walked in. After a couple of drinks, I built up the courage to go and talk to her and eventually ask for her phone number. Her reply: she said she didn’t know what her number was. Sensing rejection, I said “Oh okay then” and started to walk off…

A: But I really didn’t know what my phone number was! Fortunately my best friend did know it, she gave it to me and I gave it to Kieron. Twenty minutes later we were talking on the phone.

K: I guess after that, the rest is history.

Where did you get your Travel Bug?

Question from Bitten by the Travel Bug

A: I can definitely say that the first time I stepped on foreign soil in Bali, I was instantly bitten by the travel bug.

K: Yep, that was our first international trip together and ever since then we’ve just wanted to add more and more destinations to the list.

Elephant Park Bali 2007

Our first international trip together - Bali 2007.

What is your favorite thing about traveling? Least favorite?

Question from Two 4 Travel

A: My favorite thing would be that indescribable feeling you get when you’re exploring a new city or country. The least favorite things would be traveling too quickly (I like to stay in a place for at least a few nights to get settled) and rude/bad-mannered people we encounter.

K: Favorite thing has gotta be the freedom that travel gives you! The least favorite would be transportation days – I hate spending hours on planes, buses and transiting through airports!

What is your favorite & least favorite thing about traveling with each other?

Question from Chelsea Sutherland

K: I love being able to share my travel moments with someone special, that’s gotta be my favorite thing about traveling with Amy.

A: I definitely have to agree with Kieron on that one! This list could go on forever and I don’t want to bore you with it!

K: My least favorite thing would definitely be waiting for Amy when she’s getting ready in the morning!

A: You love it, sweet cheeks! Don’t even get me started on your moods…

About our RTW Trip

Universal Studios Hollywood

With Marge Simpson at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Where are you going on your RTW?

We’re starting locally with 3 nights in Sydney and then fly across to Hawaii for 16 nights. We’ll then fly to Seattle and spend just under 10 weeks exploring the United States, Mexico and possibly include a fleeting visit to somewhere in Central America and/or the Caribbean.

Then in October we’ll jet over to Iceland before proceeding onto Europe and back down through Asia. We don’t know exactly where we’ll be going in Europe or Asia or a time-frame on how long we’ll spend there but it should be epic adventure regardless!

When are you leaving?

Our journey commences on a Saturday afternoon in Sydney on July 23 before we head abroad to Honolulu three days later.

Why did you decide to go on this trip?

Our very first blog post – Why long-term travel? – explains this in detail.

Essentially, four weeks of holiday time per year just isn’t enough for the two of us!

What will you be doing to pass the time before your travels?

We are so under-prepared, the next three-and-a-half weeks are going to be hectic! We’ve still got of planning and research to do, three different farewell parties and we need to sell our cars and get our vaccinations. That’s just a few of the things!

Maya Bay Thailand

Maya Bay, Thailand.

How did you turn your dream trip into reality?

Question from Chelsea Sutherland

A whole lot of sacrifice! Once we decided to make this journey happen, we set travel and financial goals for ourselves and decided that we wanted to leave for a RTW trip in 2011.

Since then, we’ve made plenty of sacrifices to save up enough money to turn this dream trip into a reality including moving back home, selling our belongings on eBay and finding ways to earn extra cash.

If you could give just one piece of advice to a fellow #rtwsoon traveler, what would it be?

Following on from the last question, the sacrifices you’re making at the start of your savings journey will be incredibly difficult but they will totally be worth it in the end! Remember, you’re more likely to regret something you didn’t do than something you did!

Minus 5 Ice Bar Surfers Paradise

Minus 5 Ice Bar - Surfers Paradise.

How do you plan to store your photos and/or videos while traveling? A combination of portable media and/or “cloud storage”?

Question from Henry Lee

Great question Henry! We’ll be storing our media in a variety of ways – obviously it will firstly sit on our camera memory cards and we probably won’t delete these until they’re nearly full. Then we’ll back our media up onto the laptop, a 1TB external hard drive and we’re currently looking at online backups as well with Mozy looking like the best option at the moment.

What is the thing you are most looking forward to doing whilst travelling?

Question from Bitten by the Travel Bug

I honestly don’t think we could limit it to just one thing! Amy put together her 25 before 25 list a week ago and that was only just the tip of the iceberg!

If we had to say one thing though, it would be the complete change in lifestyle! We’re really looking forward to escaping the 9-5 and just enjoying spending time together.

If you’re still reading, awesome! That was one long interview! If you have any more questions that you want us to answer, just leave them in the comments.