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Are We Really That Lucky To Travel?

Are We Really That Lucky To Travel?

Whenever we tell our friends and family that we have a new traveling adventure planned, the two of us are greeted with the same two reactions. It’s either…

“You two are so lucky…”


“I wish I could do that…”

And you probably think it’d be cool to make people envy us, right?

Well the truth is it really isn’t that great. In fact, these two reactions piss us off quite a bit.

It’s More Than Luck!

When people tell us how lucky we are that we get to travel so much, we simply smile and nod our heads in agreement. It’s easier that way.

We’ll admit that we’re lucky to have been born in Australia and that we have the freedom to travel but we’re no luckier than the next Aussie citizen including the people we know.

We’ve made travel our number one priority in life and that’s why we get to enjoy it so much.

The next time you wonder how lucky we are, consider these things…

While you’re paying that expensive rent or mortgage?
We’re back with Amy’s parents saving every last cent we can.

While you’re driving around in your shiny brand new car?
The two of us are sharing a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer that we paid $7,000 cash for.

While you’re going out for dinner and drinks before catching a new release movie?
We’re sitting in front of the heater with a home-cooked meal and a glass of water.

While you’re watching TV, playing video games or simply wasting your time?
The two of us are working our asses off either on this blog or on any of our other multiple projects.

Sometimes we know that people forget all that but it’s sacrifices like these that allow us to travel as much as we do. Luck has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Don’t Wish – Make Your Dreams Happen!

Just today one of us was told “I wish I could travel like you do!” and it really hit home.

The truth is – you can travel like we do. It just takes a little bit of patience and a lot of hard work. This quote sums it up…

You get what you work for...

So stop dreaming, stop wishing and make it happen. You need to earn most things in life and the opportunity to travel is just one of them.

We understand that fear can get in the way and that everything in life tells you to take the safe option (ie. secure job, home, etc) to stay within your comfort zone.

But if you want to travel like we do then you need to break free from your comfort zone! Check out our post 7 reasons you should travel now if you need that extra bit of motivation.

As we always say…

Take a chance and don’t ever look back.

We promise you won’t regret it! Soon enough, people will be saying how lucky you are (even though we all know the truth!)…