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Sunday Spotlight: North Wales

North Wales was never a region Jess dreamed about visiting, but somehow she ended up there. Brent and Jess had been traveling through Europe for 3 months and, as Canadians, they then needed to spend 3 months outside the EU before they could re-enter.

The Top Five Pacific Islands To Visit

The Pacific Islands may be far away, but a trip to these largely untouched places is well worth making. Here are five of the best…

Travel Insurance Products And How They Can Be Beneficial

When traveling the whole process from the planning to the actual taking of the trip should be relaxed and predictable. Even though you think things will run smoothly sometimes this is not the case. Sometimes when you travel unexpected things […]

The Top Five Reasons To Take A Cruise

There is nothing like being able to go on a vacation and enjoying the beautiful places that the world has to offer. The most common form of traveling is simply flying to a place and then looking at the various […]

Skiing in Scotland

You might normally associate skiing with mountain ranges in Europe such as the Alps and Pyrenees, but, as you may or may not be aware, Scotland has its own unique skiing facilities. At their highest point, the Scottish Highlands are […]

Guest Post: How To Save On Travel Activities

My wife and I have always loved a good vacation, but the travel activities were just too expensive for our budget. This was when I began looking for ways to save money on vacations. I realized, that we were paying for so many activities that were simply unnecessary.