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Celebrating One Month of Blogging

Celebrating One Month of Blogging

Wow, it’s been one month since we launched Don’t Ever Look Back with a post explaining why we’re choosing long-term travel. The past month has flown by but at the same time it feels like we’ve been around the blogging community for years. This is thanks to all of you who have been following our progress and leaving such nice and helpful comments along the way.

Since the blog was launched we’ve posted 12 new articles (including this one) and have made many new connections all around the world. We’re grateful for all the support we receive through this blog and via our Twitter and Facebook pages, it really is much appreciated. If you have any feedback on how we could improve any of these, we’d love to hear it.

Our Current Situation

We’re now a month closer to our travel adventure and in 4 weeks time we move out of our apartment and back to Amy’s parents house. Rent has been prepaid until the end of our lease so the portion of our income previously assigned to rent is now going directly into our travel savings… it’s amazing what a difference this makes! Now it feels like we’re really getting somewhere and have just passed the 30% mark of our savings goal.

In terms of selling our stuff, we’re still using most of our furniture and belongings so not much has happened yet. We have sold some a computer monitor and ADSL router on eBay which generated just over $150 and have a couple of auctions running at the moment (fingers crossed for bids!). We’ve also committed to selling our entire lounge room suite to family so all is going good so far – the stress will come when we put our big-ticket items up for sale in 2-3 weeks!

To sum our current situation in one word – excited.

Looking Forward

We're moving out in 4 weeks.

Over the next month we’re completely changing our lives in preparation for our travels. Here is what our situation will be in one month’s time.

We will no longer have our own place. Yep, in 28 days we will hand back the keys to our apartment and will call Amy’s parents house our new home. While we’ll lose our space and privacy and the move will add an additional 15-20 minutes each way to our work commute, it will have huge benefits for our savings as we previously identified in three ways we’re saving for long-term travel.

We will no longer have a lot of our furniture and material possessions. As we mentioned previously, we’re selling the majority of our belongings and what we don’t sell now will be gone in 6 months time. In 4 weeks we will no longer own furniture (excluding our bed) or appliances (excluding TV/PS3). While we’re not completely minimalist yet, we’ll have a lot less than we’re used to and it will take some time to adjust.

We will be preparing for Christmas. With so much going on in our lives, it’s hard to think about Christmas. Especially as we’ll be slaving away at work over the holiday season while many of our friends and colleagues will be out in the sun and enjoying the Australian summer. But we’re working for a reason – so that we can enjoy the Northern Hemisphere summer in 2011. It’s difficult to wait, but it will all be worth it in the end!

We will still be working and still be saving. This was covered mostly in the point above – we’ll continue working hard to put as much of our incomes away so we can reach our savings goal as quickly as possible and depart on our adventure!

It’s quite scary when you see our future situation listed like that, but very exciting nonetheless!

The Stats

Here’s a breakdown of our blog stats at the end of our first month of blogging.

  • 12 Posts
  • 246 Twitter Followers
  • 33 Facebook Fans
  • 1,179,780 Alexa Ranking

We can’t complain about those numbers at all. If you want to help give them a boost (which we would love you to do!), please leave a comment or join us on Twitter and Facebook.

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