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Frugal February Challenge #2

Frugal February Challenge #2

A week ago we introduced you to the first Frugal February challenge – to keep a change jar for the remainder of the month. For those of you participating, how are you going so far?

We just had a quick peek into our jar and we’re guessing there’s at least $20-$30 inside. While it doesn’t seem like much, over the course of a year this could add well over $500 to our savings!

We really hope that the advice we’ve given you so far during Frugal February has helped you save some money – eating frugally at home and drinking water instead of soda are two of the concepts our guest writers have introduced you to this week and there are plenty more great posts still to come.

Anyway, it’s time to unveil the second Frugal February challenge.

EbayFrugal February Challenge #2 – sell at least one item on eBay or Craigslist

Even if you’re already started decluttering your life like we have, you’re sure to have at least one possession in your house that you no longer need. We rummaged through our remaining belongings and found two things that we could sell…

  • A subwoofer and amplifier that was in my old car and haven’t been used in 3 years! These cost nearly $1,000 when purchased in 2004.
  • Two modern bar stools that we had in our old apartment but weren’t sure what to do with.
Subwoofer and Amplifier Bar Stools

We put these items on eBay and the two auctions concluded last week, netting us a profit of $118. That’s at least one extra night added to our travels (more if you’re in a cheaper destination!) from belongings that probably would have been thrown out once we got back from overseas anyway.

So get off your chair, go look through your basement/garage/bedroom/etc and find at least one thing you can sell on eBay or Craigslist. There’s only one condition to this challenge – your item needs to be worth more than $10, otherwise selling it won’t be worth your time.

The more things you can find to sell, the better. Once you’ve got your items online, put the link to your auction/classified in the comments below so that we can follow how it’s going and to make sure you don’t procrastinate on taking part in this challenge! Remember, successfully completing this challenge could add extra time to your travels!

Flickr Photo: liewcf