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Getting Corrupted At The Jerry Springer Show

Getting Corrupted At The Jerry Springer Show


If you’ve watched any kind of tabloid television, you’ll know this chant – it’s from The Jerry Springer Show which is currently in its 21st season on the air. While watching late-night TV, The Jerry Springer Show suddenly came on and soon after we heard this message…

“For free tickets to see The Jerry Springer show in Stamford, Connecticut call 1-877-75JERRY”.

Straight away, the two of us looked at each other and knew we had to go and see the show while we were visiting New York City.

Jerry Springer Tickets

Precious Jerry Springer Tickets

After a 45-minute train ride from New York City, we arrived at The Rich Forum in Stamford an hour before we were due to enter the venue. Fortunately we got there early as the line was already huge – we received tickets #180 and #181 of only 200!

From the time we entered the Rich Forum to the time we got onto set was nearly 90 minutes and we were placed right in the heart of the action, two rows from the front! “Look out for the flying shoes” we were warned as the 200 guests slowly poured in and took their seats.

Amy on the set of The Jerry Springer Show

On the set of The Jerry Springer Show

The star of the show, Jerry Springer, then came out to a rapturous applause. He told some stories and warmed the crowd with some hilarious jokes like this one…

“There are reports that Osama Bin Laden killed his wife a week before he was shot dead. Apparently he looked up her dress and saw bush.”

Stage manager Todd then ran through how the show works, explaining to us important facts such as the more noise you make, the more they fight and not to abuse them or call them whores until comment time. It was then time for the show to start – unfortunately cameras were banned from this point so we didn’t get any action shots!

Here comes the chair!

Here comes the chair!

The title of our show was “Sabotaged!” and was about jilted brides to be. We saw three stories in the hour we were there:

  • A girl nicknamed “Master Spy” who had been spying on her man via cellphone technology and found out that he was sleeping with her stripper sister!
  • Another girl who wanted to get back with her old flame and was ready to take on his new girl.
  • A redneck couple who were confronting the bride’s mom about getting married, only for it to be revealed that he had been cheating on her with another woman. Yet they still went ahead with a wedding ceremony live on TV!
Classy material, eh? As with any Jerry Springer show, there was plenty of fighting and plenty of tits and ass for the crowd to get excited about. Amy’s eye nearly even got poked out during comment time by a lady who flashed for Jerry Beads… who knew that nipples could be so dangerous!
Amy with Jerry Springer Security

Amy with Jerry Springer Security

Unfortunately Jerry made his exit before we could get a photo with him (we did shake hands with the great man though!) but Amy did take a picture with the security guards on-stage while they were busy kicking people out of the set!

Group shot at The Jerry Springer Show

Group shot at The Jerry Springer Show - can you see us?

It certainly wasn’t the most authentic (or tasteful) travel experience, but for the two of us it was a hell of a lot of fun! We certainly enjoyed our day at The Jerry Springer Show and if you’re in the vicinity and have any interest in going, register yourself for free tickets and remember to get there early!

Our episode is airing TOMORROW – Tuesday November 1. If you’re in the United States, please visit to find out if you can watch it – and if anyone wants to be super awesome and record it for us, you would be our hero forever!