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How To Learn English With Kaplan International

We were recently introduced to Kaplan International’s Infographic “How To Learn English” and the top answer on the best way to learn English was to travel to an English-speaking country and have English classes with other foreigners.

But for many foreigners, traveling to an English-speaking country solely to learn English isn’t a viable option. I’ve got many relatives in the Philippines who simply would not be able to freely travel to the USA, UK or Australia because of the prohibitive cost of doing so and the hassles of obtaining a visa.

Despite not being able to travel overseas, my relatives all speak excellent English and only some of that has been taught through schools. So how have they managed to learn English, particularly the younger generation?

Movies and Television.

When we visited there in April 2011, Amy was surprised to find that many of my relatives spoke their English with a strong American twang.

Why? Because they grew up watching American television channels including MTV and shows such as Friends and The Simpsons.

Even my younger cousins who could barely speak the local language still managed to blurt out a few words of English. All was silent one day when suddenly my two-year old cousin started singing his lungs out…

“I like to move it, move it.”

A reference to Madagascar, a Dreamworks animation movie featuring cartoon animals who have escaped from New York Central Zoo.

So if you’re like my relatives and can’t easily travel to an English-speaking country, take classes in your own country and watch as much English-speaking television as you can – you’re bound to learn the language quicker than you would think!

Infographic: How to learn Englishvia Kaplan Blog

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