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I Heart Singapore

I Heart Singapore

I Heart Singapore T-Shirt

Yep, I nearly bought this!

I’ve got an embarrassing confession to make.

I very nearly bought one of those tacky “I ♥ SG” t-shirts during our recent time in Singapore. Not as a gift for a loved (or not so loved?) one, but as a souvenir/memento for my own personal collection. In fact, the only reason I didn’t buy the t-shirt is because we’re desperately saving money for our round-the-world adventure and it wouldn’t have made my final packing list.

Why the hell would I want one of these shirts you’re probably wondering?

Well it definitely wasn’t to make a fashion statement, that’s for sure. The reason I almost ended up with one of these t-shirts in my suitcase is because I have developed a genuine love for Singapore as a city and as a tourist destination after my visits in 2008 and in April 2011. Eventually I’ll make it to Singapore for a third time and look forward to it (Singapore Night Grand Prix, anyone?).

But despite not being able to profess my love for Singapore proudly on my chest, the Lion City will just have to take my word for it and believe me when I say that I could list hundreds of reasons on why I now have this strong man love for Singapore. But nobody has time to read 100 reasons, so here are my top five:

Singapore’s Food

Singapore Street Food Stalls

Singapore is renowned for its hawker food and the hawker centers definitely doesn’t fail to disappoint with plenty of fantastic choices on offer. But I’m not a person that can live on this kind of food 24/7 which is why it’s great to have so many options available within such a short proximity. Apart from our local favorites, particularly Hainanese Chicken Rice, we also got to enjoy an all-you-can eat ice cream buffet at Swensen’s ION and a meal at Hooters Singapore during our three days in Singapore. Cultural experiences? Probably not. Tasty and enjoyable? Hell yeah!

Singapore’s MRT

Singapore MRT

If only Melbourne had taken some lessons from Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit! While in Singapore, we never waited longer than 5 minutes for a train (even at 11PM at night!) and always felt safe when on the train or at the station – which unfortunately is something we can’t say about our own city or many others around the world. Also, the fact that the train can get you just about anywhere (including the airport) is superb.

How clean Singapore is


There’s clean, and then there’s Singapore clean. It seems like just about everywhere we went, there was somebody cleaning something – Changi Airport has someone in every bathroom and we even saw one man cleaning between two escalators (where surely nobody goes!) early in the morning! Plus there wasn’t a spot of litter anywhere in Singapore, although I’m assuming that the $5000 fine for littering is a big deterrent!

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay at Night

Clarke Quay is fairly quiet during the day due to the hot and humid weather in Singapore, but once nighttime hits, Clarke Quay becomes a party zone. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are by far the most popular with the nightspots and restaurants in Clarke Quay overflowing onto the streets. One thing we had to do at Clarke Quay was visit Clinic, a hospital themed bar, and drink a cocktail from a drip. Talk about a unique experience!

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

We’ve already dedicated a post to how we spent a day at Sentosa Island but Asia’s Favorite Playground deserves another mention here. If you go to Singapore, you just have to spend a day here and check out the attractions and beaches that appeal to all kinds of travelers.

Well that’s the top five reasons behind my love for Singapore. A special mention must also go to Tiger beer, which has also found a very special place in my heart.

Unfortunately for now, my relationship with Singapore can’t continue because Singapore’s tastes are just a little too expensive and I want to see some other countries. But maybe one day, we’ll be able to make it work and the two of us will be reunited once again.

Have you fallen in love with a particular city or country? Express your love in the comments!

Flickr Photos: Steel Wool, netpower8