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Keeping Travel Statistics

Keeping Travel Statistics

I’ve always been obsessed by numbers and statistics. Even as a child playing sport, I often had my parents collect my football stats and cricket averages so I could keep track of how I was going as the seasons progressed. Slightly weird, huh?

These days this obsession mostly surrounds my money, which is religiously managed so that every cent is accounted for. In fact, my passion for numbers very nearly led me to become an accountant but thankfully I realized halfway through university that this wasn’t the career for me.

With less than 7 weeks to go until our big journey commences, we asked our Facebook community what kind of statistics they would like us to keep track of during our travels. The response was fantastic – and here are the statistics we’re aiming to record during our time on the road.

Our Budget Numbers

Obviously we’ll be managing our budget pretty carefully. The last thing we want to do is unexpectedly run out of money so we’ll be tracking all of our expenditure and reporting back to our readers regularly. We’ll let you know how we’re going and what we’re spending all our hard-earned money on.

We’ll also be keeping track of public transport fares and the cost of bottled water from city to city (thanks to Claudia Critelli Boothe for the suggestion). If you can think of any other expenses that we should monitor from destination to destination, let us know.

Flight Statistics

Thanks to Justin of 48 Hour Adventure for recommending FlightMemory, a website that keeps track of where you’ve flown and generates the statistics for you. If you’ve got a few spare minutes, give it a try – it’s really very interesting!

From our perspective, here are the numbers we’ll be sharing with you:

  • Number of flights
  • Flight distances
  • Hours spent flying

We’ll also track the number of train/bus journeys we take and the time and distances associated with them.


Do we really want to know how many beers we consume on the road?!

Other Statistics

There were plenty of other fantastic suggestions on our Facebook page, which we’ll do our best to keep track of throughout our journey. These include:

  • Accumulated number of photos (via Henry Lee)
  • Number of beers consumed (via Plif Damon)
  • Number of different nationalities met (via Jerick Parrone)
  • Number of public toilets visited (via Nicole McPherson)
  • Number of sunsets & sunrises viewed (via Sophie Ferreira)

I think we’re in for some interesting results when our journey concludes and we can guarantee that this list will generate some great stories as well!

We’ll be setting up a dedicated statistics page on Don’t Ever Look Back shortly! Should we be keeping track of anything else? Tell us in the comments!

Flickr Photo: foreverdigital, bunchofpants