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McDonald’s Arabia – Oman Edition

McDonald’s Arabia – Oman Edition

Before I start writing this post, can I please ask you one favor? Don’t judge me. Haha.

I’m not five years old but with the first sighting of the famous Golden Arches in Oman, my eyes lit up immediately. The group I was with found this quite amusing and certainly had a giggle at my expense but after some pleading and perhaps a little begging, I managed to get my wish…

A visit to a McDonald’s Arabia restaurant in Muscat, Oman.

McDonald's Oman Exterior

Now I would like to think my tastes have improved over the years and I wouldn’t class McDonald’s a quality restaurant by any stretch of the imagination but there are things you do in every new destination and visiting the local Mickey D’s is one of those things for me.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s always an experience.

Even Dusk was shocked I got her into McDonald's to eat!

Unlike McDonald’s in a Western country, the staff here greeted us when we entered and their happy smiles and laughter was contagious. They were excited to be working here and very excited to be serving us our first fast food meals in Oman!

The friendly crew!

One of the most interesting things about visiting McDonald’s in a foreign country is the subtle differences in the menu. From the presence of rice on the menu in places like Bali and the Philippines to the size differences between different countries (a small in Australia is very different to a small in the USA!), I find it especially intriguing.

It wasn’t a tough choice for me this time around though. Being in the Middle East, how I could not try the local speciality – the McArabia?

McArabia Pita Bread Sandwich

This was grilled chicken wrapped in Arabic style pita bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and garlic mayonnaise. My expectations weren’t exactly the highest but it certainly surprised me – the McArabia was actually very tasty and I would order it here in Australia if they served it on the menu.

Amy at Mcdonald's Arabia

A few more photos, including one with the crew, and we wrapped up our McDonald’s Arabia experience as another visit to the famous Muttrah Souk was on the cards.

However I can say in all honesty that a visit here didn’t disappoint and I may have converted one or two of the others into my tradition of visiting the local fast food restaurant when in another country.

Group Shot at McDonald's Arabia

McDonald’s Arabia – tick.

Would you visit McDonald’s in a foreign country?