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Merry Christmas from Amy and Kieron

Merry Christmas from Amy and Kieron

The clock has just passed midnight here in Melbourne which means in our little part of the world it’s now officially December 25, better known to most folks as Christmas Day. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our awesome readers a safe and happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Merry Christmas from Don't Ever Look Back

Merry Christmas from Don't Ever Look Back

Thank you all so much for the unbelievable support you’ve given us since we launched Don’t Ever Look Back in mid-October, we really do appreciate it. We honestly don’t think we would still be writing (well not as much, anyway!) if it wasn’t for all the lovely comments, the great conversations and the helpful advice you all provide.

Our Plans for Christmas Day

We most likely won’t be in Australia for Christmas in 2011, which will be our first one ever away from our home and our families. So we plan to make the most of today by spending plenty of time with both of our families and sharing several meals including a big breakfast, 2 Christmas lunches and a Christmas dinner. Thank goodness we’re joining the gym before we travel because we’ll need to work out for a few weeks just to burn off all of these holiday calories!

Holiday Reading

Welcome to all the new readers that have joined our little community here over the past couple of weeks. You may have missed some of our older posts so if you have some time to kill over the holiday period, feel free to click on the links below and spend a few minutes reading our older material.

Trip Planning

Resources/Destination Articles

Our favorite #rtwsoon travel bloggers

Anyway, it’s off to bed for the two of us. There’s presents to be unwrapped in the morning (not too many though, we’re busy saving for long-term travel!) and plenty of food to be consumed! Wherever you are in the world, we sincerely hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic day!

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