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Review: How To Be An Adventurer

This is the first eBook review on Don’t Ever Look Back and today we’re looking at How To Be An Adventurer by Jodi Sagorin of If You Never Did, You Should. We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Jodi’s 41-page eBook before its November 12 release and it serves as a strong source of inspiration to escape the ordinary lives most of us lead and get out there and become “adventurers”.

The book is split into two main parts – “It’s All About the Attitude” and “Diving Headfirst into the Adventure Abyss”. The first part really drives you to think deeply about your current situation and early in the book Jodi challenges you to find your passion and see the excitement in the little things, which was our favorite section of the book.

Whatever it is that you’re doing, ask yourself:
“How can I do this differently to make it more exciting?”

Even something totally mundane can become so much fun if you approach it in this way.
It definitely takes practice, but doing so can make your life so much more compelling.

The second part, Diving Headfirst into the Adventure Abyss, tells you how to put your new attitude into action. Start by creating a bucket list (yes, it’s on our to-do list!) and then get off your butt and make things happen!

How To Be An Adventurer also features some amazing quotes as well as the thoughts and advice of well-known travel bloggers including Beth Whitman and Chris Guillebeau. It is nice to get some insight into their thinking process and we agree with Beth’s definition that “being an adventurer just means getting out of your comfort zone”.

The only complaint we had was that the “Adventurer’s Perspective” sections sometimes seemed to interrupt the flow of content, but that’s just us nitpicking at the smallest of things.

While a lot of travelers would already consider themselves adventurers and may think this book is irrelevant, How To Be An Adventurer is well worth the read. We read it with an open mind and couldn’t help but allow it to influence our mindset and will soon be putting some of the advice given into action.

You can download your free copy of How To Be An Adventurer at If You Never Did, You Should. And if you’re not 100% satisfied, Jodi promises an immediate and full refund!

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