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Review: How to Take Great Travel Photos with a Point and Shoot Camera

How to Take Great Travel Photos with a Point and Shoot CameraAs travelers and aspiring photographers, we were pleased to discover that Brendan Vanson was releasing an ebook dedicated to taking great travel photos with a point and shoot camera. Most travelers we’ve seen carry a camera with them but typically end up with the same boring shots at the conclusion of their travels – us included.

We’ll be the first to admit that we have significant room for improvement with our point and shoot camera. This is where How to Take Great Travel Photos with a Point and Shoot Camera comes in extremely handy – it gives us the specific advice we need to know on how we can achieve that desired improvement.

While our weapon of choice, the Canon PowerShot SD780IS, has taken some fantastic shots for us so far on our travels, luck (and my Photoshop skills) has had plenty to do with that! Our biggest sin? Just pointing the camera while it was still on auto-mode, taking a photo and being satisfied with the result.

Now put your hand up if you’ve been guilty of the same offence before!

Hmm, that is interesting. Now put your hand down again. It’s safe to say that if your hand went up, reading How to Take Great Travel Photos with a Point and Shoot Camera would be of substantial benefit to you.

This 65-page ebook is broken up into 5 chapters:

  1. Choosing a camera
  2. Getting to know your camera
  3. Getting sharper images: shoot like a pro
  4. Shoot… like a pro
  5. Post production – using photo editing software

Throughout the ebook, Brendan explains in great detail how to improve your photography skills, covering the different modes that your camera offers and the many ways you can easily improve your photos. Chapter four, ‘Shoot… like a pro’. was our favorite in which Brendan explains step-by-step how to take great photos when faced with common travel scenarios such as landscapes, night shots, urban travel photography, wildlife and the like.

As we said, if you want to improve your photography skills and take better travel photos with your point and shoot camera, this ebook is for you. The best bit? There is no technical jargon in here whatsoever and it is all very easy to understand.

Head over to Brendan’s Adventures where you can purchase the ebook for the special limited-time price of $11.99USD.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary ebook. Affiliate links are present within this post.

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