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RTW Destination #1: Hawaii

RTW Destination #1: Hawaii

Decisions. It seems like we’ve been making plenty of them lately for our round-the-world adventure but that’s just part of the fun, right?

Firstly we had to choose between Fiji or Hawaii as to which would be the first stop on our travels. After nearly a month of consideration, we chose Hawaii and booked one-way tickets for July 26. All seemed to be going along swimmingly until I found out that my Canadian working visa application was rejected, leaving us with some very difficult choices to make.

There were strong temptations to bring our adventure forward a month so that we could get to Europe in time for La Tomatina and Oktoberfest but we soon realized that we weren’t in a realistic position to make this happen. So instead, we booked the next leg of our North America travels – plane tickets from Maui to the US mainland (Seattle). As a result, the first destination on our trip has now been completely locked in…

16 nights in Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach

Our first night will be at Waikiki Beach - but we want YOU to tell us where to go next!

Could there be a more perfect way to kick off our adventures in style? A mixture of beaches, hiking and general relaxation seems like a perfect way to begin our long-term travel experience. But it’s not the activities that we’re most excited about – it’s the chilled, carefree nature of traveling we’re about to experience that we’re looking forward to the most.

To put our 16 nights in Hawaii into perspective, our last visit to the USA in 2009 was also for 16 nights but took in 6 different cities, 8 different hotels and absolutely destroyed our savings accounts.

For us, that’s just not the way traveling should be experienced.

We want to do this very differently.

In addition to traveling a lot slower and enjoying our time away a lot more, we’ve decided that we want Don’t Ever Look Back readers to be as involved in our travels and we want your help! So please, help us plan our Hawaiian adventures!

1. How many islands should we fit into these 16 nights?

We know we’re starting on Oahu and departing from Maui so that’s at least 2 of the Hawaiian islands we’re visiting. Is a week on each island the perfect amount of time, or should we incorporate another into our itinerary?

[polldaddy poll=4987587]

We can’t wait to see the results of the poll in a week’s time!

2. What should we do during our time in Hawaii?

As we’ve already mentioned, some things are essential to any visit to Hawaii such as relaxing on the beautiful beaches, hiking across the islands (particularly Diamond Head State Park for us) and doing a Pearl Harbor tour. We’ve also got a few unique experiences planned, including hopefully hiring a Smart Car for a day which is sure to result in some hilarious adventures. But 16 nights is a long time and we’ve got plenty of time to fill…

So the question we’re asking is this: if you had 16 nights to spend in Hawaii, what are some of the things you would do?

3. Accommodation, dining and nightlife recommendations.

If you’ve been to Hawaii before, we want your very best advice! Tell us your favorite places to eat, where we can enjoy ourselves after dark and if you have any hotel/hostel recommendations.

4. Challenge us!

One of the reasons we’re doing this trip is to try completely new things and step far outside our comfort zone. If you can think of something out of left field for us to do, we would love to hear your ideas! Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to go through with it, put it out there and we’ll see what we can do!

Please leave your answers to these questions in the comments below or send them to us privately using our Contact form!

Image Credits: Koolau Mountains Image: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Chuck Painter, Waikiki Beach Image: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Joe Solem