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#rtwsoon Interview: Barry & Laura – Worldly Nomads

#rtwsoon Interview: Barry & Laura – Worldly Nomads

It’s definitely getting to that time of the year when hordes of adventurous people embark on long-term travel. From our history of #rtwsoon interviews, June and July seem to be the most popular months for departures and one couple following the trend is Barry and Laura from the UK.

The pair behind Worldly Nomads have been working towards their round-the-world trip for several years (yet have traveled to 30+ countries already!) and are sure to have some amazing stories to share from South East Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Machu PicchuWho are you?

Weʼre Barry and Laura, two nomads from the UK who are about to get married and leave everything behind for an adventure around the world!

We’ve always been fanatical about travelling, and have already done a couple of big trips to South East Asia and South America. We first tested our appetite for backpacking when we did a tour of Asia, visiting China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and recently travelled around Peru, experiencing a Peru homestay whilst there, well and truly kicking the travel bug back into life!

We’ve also both worked abroad, in Colombia, Argentina and Bulgaria, and we’ve already travelled to over 30 countries. But we want more!

Where are you going on your RTW?

We’re going East first, straight to Thailand where we’ll take the train down to Koh Tao for some relaxation (it is our honeymoon after all!) before heading up north to Chiang Mai. We’re then travelling overland into and through Laos to Vietnam, before travelling all the way down Vietnam to its southern coast before entering Cambodia.

After exploring Cambodia, we’re having a brief stopover in Kuala Lumpur before relaxing on and around Bali! From there we travel to Perth before going east to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne! Then its Vamos a South America, taking in Chile, Argentina, Antarctica (yes really!), Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador before jetting off to Guatemala.

Mexico will be our final stop before North America, where we’re planning on seeing LA, Route 66, Las Vegas, New York and Toronto before we jet back home. Phew, we’re tired just thinking about it!

The family home we stayed in in Peru

The family home we stayed in while in Peru

When are you leaving?

June 2012 (as in a few weeks from now!)

Why did you decide to go on this trip?

Primarily because we’ve always aimed to try to escape the rat race. We’ve been building towards this for a few years now, and we’ve reached a stage where we are able to take a year to test the theory out. Ever since we read Timothy Ferris’ book ‘ The Four Hour Work Week’ we’ve been inspired by the idea of mini retirements throughout our lives, rather than the deferred life plan that many subscribe to (wait until you’re too old and ill to do the things you want to do).

We want to do them now, while we still can and as usual we have jumped in with both feet! We also looked at how much traditional honeymoon destinations charge for two or three weeks, and realised we could have at least a few months in South East Asia instead! Felt like a no brainer for us. Oh and if you’re interested in how we got engaged (including having to wrestle a donkey) have a look at our engagement story on our blog!

The sunset moments after we got engaged!

The sunset moments after we got engaged!

What will you be doing to pass the time before your travels?

Well not much really, except plan a wedding, pack all of our things up, find people to rent our place for a year and say goodbye to all our loved ones!

In all seriousness, we’ve spent most of our time tying up loose ends and finishing work, as well as planning the trip. Whilst we’ve planned for this for some years, we’ve only really have around 7 months of time between deciding when to go and then leaving, and we’ve had our hands full with everything else we needed to do before going!

If you could give just one piece of advice to a fellow #rtwsoon traveler, what would it be?

There’s the usual advice of don’t plan the trip out in too much detail and plan your budget properly, but our advice would be more focused on how people will react to your idea of a round the world trip. Be prepared, reactions may not be what you expect them to be!

We’ve been lucky, most people we’ve told have been very supportive and understand. But some have been confused by our decision; ‘why would you leave your jobs in the middle of a recession?’ ‘Is it safe?’ ‘How can you afford it?’ ‘I could never afford to do that’ and ‘my employers would never let me do that’. Our approach has been to talk about it when asked, rather than bring it up in conversation.

We also subscribe to the motto of ‘Seek forgiveness, not permission’ in all things we do. First of all decide you want to do it, work out how you will do it, and when you’re sure you can do it, tell people. Don’t ask them if it’s a good idea, tell them!

Visit Barry & Laura’s Website: Worldly Nomads
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