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Singapore – A “Fine” City

Singapore – A “Fine” City

Singapore prides itself on being the cleanest city in the world, which is quite amazing considering that it’s located in Southeast Asia.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll soon understand why this place is so clean. There are some hefty fines in place that you can obtain for an offence that would seem minor in most parts of the world.


Dropping a piece of trash on the ground will cost you up to $1,000 and if you’re a repeat offender, expect to pay double that plus a couple of hours of community service picking up litter whilst wearing a bright jacket designed solely to humiliate you.

You’d definitely be thinking twice the next time you’re thinking about throwing that cigarette butt on the sidewalk. Oh, and spitting is treated just as harshly so don’t spit do that either.

No Chewing GumChewing Gum

The import and sale of chewing gum in Singapore is banned after people became sick of discovering gum under chairs and tables, inside mailboxes and keyholes and on train doors and elevator buttons.

The same punishments as littering applies so be safe and opt for the breath mints instead.

These are just the beginning though, how about some of these other laws in Singapore that will result in massive fines and possibly even jail time.



Jaywalking is a big no-no in Singapore and we’ll admit that it’s bizarre standing in a large group of people without at least one of them daring to cross when there’s a break in traffic. But after hearing the possible punishment, you would probably do the same thing.

If your case goes to court, you could go to prison for a maximum of three months for crossing the road when the red man is still flashing. But fortunately common sense prevails (most of the time!) and the usual punishment is only a $20 on-the-spot fine.

Walking Around The House Naked

Keep the Curtains Closed

Anything pornographic is illegal in Singapore and nudity is considered porn if someone else sees you. So close those curtains before getting changed into your pyjamas, your neighbors might just get on the phone to the police if they don’t like what they see.

Don’t see this one being enforced too often but if you are caught, you’ll be facing a significant fine and possible jail time.

Not Flushing The Toilet

Flushing Toilet

Get caught not flushing a public toilet and you will be fined $150. Although the chances of being done for this seem small, we did hear that sometimes they do random checks just to make sure people are abiding by the law.

Most toilets have automatic flushers but best to double-check just to be safe!

Don’t Relieve Yourself In An Elevator


Believe it or not, there are elevators in Singapore fitted with Urine Detector Devices (UDD). These can actually detect the smell of urine that sets off an alarm, shuts the elevator doors and waits until the authorities arrive to make an arrest. We kid you not!

Some Other Singapore Laws:

  • If you are caught vandalizing you will receive a mandatory caning. Michael P. Fay knows all about this one.
  • It’s illegal to hug without permission – you can be charged with outraging modesty. But exactly whose permission do you need?
  • Oral sex is illegal unless it is part of foreplay leading to full sex.

Yes, some of these laws are ridiculous but Singapore still remains one of our favorite destinations in the world so don’t let this list change your mind to visit.

Singapore is clean, safe and it’s because of their strict laws that it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world so enjoy your visit. Just remember not to do anything silly!