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Sunday Spotlight: Buenos Aires

Sunday Spotlight: Buenos Aires

Welcome to our Sunday Spotlight feature in which one of our favorite travel bloggers shares five photos from one of their favorite travel destination. If you want to participate in a future Sunday Spotlight, please contact us.


Author Bio: Indefinite Adventure chronicles the journey of Sam and Zab, two guys from London. Despite being a couple for more than seven years, they had never lived or travelled together for more than a few weeks at a time until January 2013, when they left behind their lives in Europe on one-way tickets to South America. You can also follow them on their Facebook Page.

Buenos Aires was our point of arrival in South America, and as definite city boys, we fell for it immediately. We loved how the city felt like the best parts of many European cities that we enjoy so much, giving a sense of familiarity that made it accessible while still being new and exciting. Here are some snap shots of Buenos Aires’ various faces and the places they reminded us of.


Despite Argentina being famous for its beef, there is a wonderfully diverse range of vegetarian food available in Buenos Aires, something that we always love to see, even though we’re not fully vegetarian ourselves.

Reminds us of: the Berlin (Kreuzberg and Neukölln in particular) vegetarian scene


The tall, slender, leafy trees that line the streets around the city’s many barrios, though especially Palermo, not only provide much appreciated shade in summer, but are also some of the prettiest inner city trees we’ve seen. The majestic 19th French century architecture filled with little independent shops isn’t a bad backdrop either.

Reminds us of: Paris’ Saint Germain district


One of us more than the other (Zab), has something of a penchant for nice cafes, and Buenos Aires certainly doesn’t disappoint, with many sophisticated places to get your caffeine fix with nice little extras like chocolates, medialunas and free glasses of sparkling water.

Reminds us of: Salzburg’s river-side cafes


Discovering antique jewellery, retro chic furniture and enjoying the generally bohemian atmosphere made it easy to spend a couple of hours poking around the San Telmo market on Sundays.

Reminds us of: London’s Portobello and Camden Passage (Islington) markets


Walking through Buenos Aires is like visiting a living, breathing art gallery, as you don’t have to go far before discovering some strange, beautiful and sometimes slightly creepy image recently painted on a blank wall space.

Reminds us of: Stockholm’s Södermalm district

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