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Sunday Spotlight: Byron Bay, Australia

Sunday Spotlight: Byron Bay, Australia

Welcome to our new Sunday Spotlight feature in which one of our favorite travel bloggers shares five photos from one of their favorite travel destination. If you want to participate in a future Sunday Spotlight, please contact us.

Author Bio: I’m Beverley from Pack Your Passport; a marketing graduate, freelance writer and long-term traveller from England.  I left my marketing job in June 2010 with a mission to live, work and travel my way round the world starting with two years in Australia.  I’ve snorkelled with turtles at The Great Barrier Reef, picked grapes on a vineyard in Victoria, explored the East Coast in a campervan and lived an expat life in Sydney and now I’m starting again in Auckland, New Zealand.  You can follow my adventures on Facebook and also on Twitter.

I wanted to write about Byron Bay because it’s probably one of my favourite places in Australia.  In the two years I spent in Australia I visited Byron Bay three times and every time I went back I felt the same; relaxed and content.

I spent my mornings on the beach with a takeaway coffee in my hand and my head in a book, looking up occasionally to watch the sea inching across the sand or the surfers rolling into another wave.

It was perfect.

Byron Bay - 1

One of the things I love most about Byron Bay is the beautiful sunsets you can watch from the beach with the sun creeping low of the mountains in the West.  It’s amazing how watching the sun set can make you feel so content, not wanting to be anywhere else in the world at that moment.

Byron Bay - 2

Watching the sun set in Byron Bay is almost always accompanied by a group of bongo-playing locals gathering on the rocks above the beach bringing a hedonistic atmosphere to the night as the sky turns pink and people dance and sing around you.

Byron Bay - 3

No visit to Byron Bay would be complete though without doing the 5km walk from the town centre to Cape Byron Lighthouse.  I spotted dolphins in the water, sunk my toes into the sand of almost-deserted beaches, walked out to the most Easterly point of Australia and got the most incredible views of the bright blue sea. Many times before it has been compared to the Gold Coast surfer’s haven but it is more tranquil and secluded from tourist.

Byron Bay - 4

After sweating my way up what felt like a million hills and steps I was thrilled to get to the top of the cliff, 94 metres above sea level, to Cape Byron Lighthouse.  Built in 1901, the lighthouse is Australia’s most Easterly and most powerful lighthouse.

Viewed from the ground, it looks huge against the blue sky.

Byron Bay - 5

Byron Bay is great if you’re into drinking and partying; you can start your night with cheap drinks at your hostel and finish it at one of the backpacker bars on Johnson St but there’s also so much more to this small East Coast town.

Whether you want to spend your days on the beach, be able to walk around town with no shoes on and have no-one care about it, eat delicious food from a pavement café or learn to surf at one of the best surf beaches in Australia, I’d definitely recommend a long and relaxing visit to Byron Bay.