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Sunday Spotlight: Cliché Paris

Sunday Spotlight: Cliché Paris

Welcome to our new Sunday Spotlight feature in which one of our favorite travel bloggers shares five photos from one of their favorite travel destination. If you want to participate in a future Sunday Spotlight, please contact us.

Author Bio: Tom and Trudy from are two Australians that love gallivanting around Europe, writing stories and guides, taking photos (Trudy is the much better photographer) and eating (duh). We currently live in Rotterdam in The Netherlands (for now, anyway). Here in Holland we like bicycles, cheese, beer and herring – we think stereotypes are ace…

We chose Paris because we wanted to be as cliché as possible for the Sunday Spotlight series, haha, just kidding… it does seem like an obvious choice though. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Paris as a city just lends itself to photography like an old pair of comfortable boots that you refuse to get rid of (they’re still awesome, so why would you?).

The place exudes ambience and magic (if you let it). It can be a bit grimy in parts and gloriously chic in others. The Eiffel Tower is touristy, yeah, but you’re only missing out on something great by refusing to go there on the high and mighty “it’s too touristy for me” grounds.

At night, the city feels ALIVE.

The River Seine at Night

Dropping in at the Eiffel Tower and having a picnic is always a good idea. Taking jumping photos is of course a must.

Eiffel Tower Jump

Been to Paris? What did you think of Montmartre? We love it. It’s culturally buzzing, colourful and vibrant with cafes, restaurants, hipsters and…model shoots?

Montmartre Models

We stayed in a little apartment in Montmartre last time we were there (it was cheap, don’t worry), but the view was simply the best, as Tina would say.

Eiffel Squash

I believe, if you were going to own a scooter, it would be bordering on impossible to get cooler than this guy. Taxi cab yellow scooter? Check! Pink helmet? Check! Brown tracksuit flashing a bit of sexy ankle skin? Check! Heading to Saint Germain Des-Pres? You betcha!

Parisian Scooter

Those are five of our favourite photos from Paris, but we’ve been a few times and taken so many I have a digital galleon of favourites. Most of mine are an unfocused mess, whilst Trudy’s are crisp, clear and magazine worthy. Oh well, as I’ve always said in imaginary navy school, Sailor V.

If you are around Europe and haven’t been to Paris…shame on you. If you do pop on over, don’t forget to bring your camera along – or at least take a few gratuitous Instagram shots.

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Happy travels!

Tom & Trudy