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Sunday Spotlight: Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile

Sunday Spotlight: Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile

Welcome to our new Sunday Spotlight feature in which one of our favorite travel bloggers shares five photos from one of their favorite travel destination. If you want to participate in a future Sunday Spotlight, please contact us.

Author Bio: I’m Chrystal McKay and run I’m a small town Canadian girl who escaped the small town life and headed to the world. I first moved to Switzerland to study French in Highschool, then to Thailand for University, Then started working – in The Philippines, Argentina, Morocco, and up next Dominican Republic. I live to travel and more so I love to share travel with people.

I chose Easter Island, Chile because it was a destination I never thought I would make it to. It is so isolated and mysterious. And certainly not friendly to a budget travellers wallet. But my mother visited me in Chile and we explored together – I showed a photo of Easter Island to my mother and she said “Let’s Go”. I was ecstatic. I think Easter Island will forever remain in my mind as the dream destination. It is everything I could want from a place and more. Here is why:

Moai at Sunset

The instant you step off the plane onto the tarmac that stretches the entire length of the tiny island in the middle of the Pacific – you feel the Island’s energy. It radiates. I wanted to soak up as much energy as possible. After a full day tour, I could think of no better way to spend my evening than sitting in an open field watching the sun set behind Ahu Tahai. The sun was vibrant and it splashed spectacular pinks and oranges across the sky and bounced off the clouds. It was a magical moment – one it which I felt totally at peace with myself.

Easter Island

While on a guided tour on Easter Island our tour guide ran down to the ocean, picked up a pile of sea urchin, cracked it open, stuck his finger in the middle and put it into his mouth. He motioned for us to try it. Orange and goopy is not my typical idea of a meal but I took a bite and it was… interesting. Very sharp fish taste and was not all goopy; if you chewed you could feel the small orange balls crunch in between your teeth.

Easter Island Beach

Easter Island is 100% about the Moai. You come here to gaze upon statues that emit a mysterious aura; one encouraged by the lack of history regarding the true meanings to their existence. Some Moai’s face the sea to ward off evil, but most face inwards to protect the Islanders. To make this Island an even better experience – have the imposing statues be on a beautiful sandy beach. Mix both a refreshing dip in the Pacific while marvelling at mystery. A fantastic way to spend the day. The Rapa Nui sure know how to blend relaxation and learning.

Easter Island - Magnetic Healing Rock

Easter Island not only is magical because of its Moai statues but because of its magnetic fields. Specific points of the island have strong magnetic currents running through them that give a powerful tingling sensation when you place your hands near it. This was a circular rock by the coast which we placed our hands on and felt the energy flowing through us. To prove its magnetic powers – I place a compass in the centre of the rock and then moved it 15cm to the Left. Incredible what our world can do. And more incredible how a tiny island like Easter Island holds so much Magic!

Easter Island - Moai

Welcome to Ranu Raraku – the birthplace of Moai. One of the remnants of the 3 volcanos that created Easter Island is home to the Island quarry. 95% of the Moai sculptors were carved from the stone on this mountain. Some stand erect and are stuck, waiting forever to be moved to their unknown final destination. You can even see half carved Moai’s still attached and on their ‘backs’ in the earth. Moai all have distinctive features: Short Ears, Long Ears, Heavy brows, Long Noses, and Pouty Lips. I just like how each are a different shape, size, and stage of completion.

Hopefully you have fallen in love with Easter Island as much as I did. The island is TRULY magical.