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Jumping Photo Contest!

Jumping Photo Contest!

During our visit to the Grand Canyon in 2009, we were urged by our friendly tour guide to take a ‘jumping photo’ in front of the spectacular backdrop. Despite some initial hesitations of looking completely silly and embarrassing ourselves in the process, we took the leap and here is the final result.

Jumping photo at the Grand Canyon

Our jumping photo at the Grand Canyon

Not bad! After a quick search on Google, it turns out that jumping photos are quite the phenomenon! There is an entire website dedicated to jumping photos featuring different moves, rules & tips for jumping photos and even a hall of fame! We also found extensive photography tutorials on how to take jumping photos and a Flickr group called the Jumping Project with over 40,000 jumping photos!

Last night we uploaded the above photo to our Facebook wall and asked our Facebook fans to upload jumping photos of themselves. We were hopeful of maybe 1 fan uploading a photo to make us feel slightly better about ours. But what happened was that we were so overwhelmed by the response (14 pics uploaded so far!) that we had to make everyone aware of it by publishing this post onto Don’t Ever Look Back. Not only have our readers been to some incredible places, they’re also amazingly creative!

Update: We’re turning this into a contest!

Win $25 cash for your best jumping photo!

The contest will take place on our Facebook Fan Page. The winner will be awarded $25 cash via Paypal (USD) at the conclusion of the contest.

The rules

  • Photo entries are to be uploaded to our Facebook wall at any time between now and the conclusion of the contest (March 25th). We will then upload them to the contest album.
  • You can enter as many photos as you like, however we would recommend only entering your very best photo!
  • You must be jumping! (well, duh!)
  • The photo with the most number of likes in the Jumping Photo Contest Album at 11:59PM EST on Friday March 25 will be awarded the prize!
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

How to enter

Do you have a jumping photo? Share it with us on our Facebook wall and you could win!