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There’s gonna be a wedding!

There’s gonna be a wedding!

Before you get too excited, let us stop you – no, it’s not gonna be our wedding this time. If it was, you know you’d all totally be invited to that shindig and it would be nothing short of epic. But anyway…

As you may know, in 2 weeks time we’ll be dusting off our passports for the first time in 21 months (that in itself is just crazy, huh?!) to revisit Singapore and also to spend some time with my family in Northern Mindanao in the Philippines. Originally the purpose of our visit to the Philippines was a sombre one – simply to spend time with my sick grandmother – but now there will be a much happier event during our 48 hours in Surigao.


Kieron's Wedding Attire - A Barong.

We’ll be attending a traditional Filipino wedding.

That’s right – my parents, who have been in the Philippines since early this year, have decided to renew their wedding vows on Saturday April 9 after 27 years of marriage. Not just that, I’ll be performing the best man duties at their wedding and Amy will be one of my mother’s four bridesmaids.

And for those of you who know a Filipino, you can guarantee that this is not going to be a small event! While we’re not completely sure of the exact details, we know there’s going to be at least 160 people in attendance (if not plenty more!), a live local band performing, plenty of great food and hopefully plenty of San Miguel flowing at the reception that night.

We also know what we’ll be wearing on my parent’s special day. For me, I’ll be rocking out in a Barong – an embroidered formal garment of the Philippines. Check out the pic to the right, you know you want one!

Meanwhile Amy has a tailor-made dress made from 10 metres (33 feet) of fabric that weighs in at a whopping 1.5kg (3.3lbs). Just wait until you get to see it! She’ll also be getting her hair and make-up done by a professional make-up artist over there prior to the wedding which she’s very excited about.

Staying with my family in Talisay City on our last visit to the Philippines gave us quite the authentic Filipino experience but this just raises it to a whole new level. Keep checking in at Don’t Ever Look Back for photos and stories in mid-late April! Or better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed or get our posts direct to your inbox.

Have you experienced a traditional cultural event in another country such as a wedding? If you have, what was it and how was the experience?

Barong Photo: Wikimedia Commons