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Wonderful Ways To Commemorate Your Travels

Wonderful Ways To Commemorate Your Travels

Have you just returned from your travels? If so, no doubt you are pining for those impossibly white beaches, that clear blue water that soothed you after a spot of over-zealous sunbathing and the interactions that you enjoyed on a daily basis with the people you encountered. Now before we send you off weeping and wishing that you could do it all again, have you considered the multitude of ways you can remind yourselves of those wonderful times? Whether it be treasured photos blown up on canvas prints or some kind of fun collage of all of the people that you met, there are ways to ensure you are constantly surrounded by great memories. Here are just a few of the best…

Canvas Prints

Whether it’s that sunset that took your breath away or the overhead shot of the bustling market place where you got lost for hours – blowing up a favourite snap or two is one great way of reminding yourself of your travels. With such a broad range of sizes available – you will be able to find one that suits the space that you have. One popular option is to pick three of your favourite pictures – perhaps your three favourite beaches – and have them printed the same size. What a wonderful way to be greeted home from work every day.


Although when you are snapping away like crazy, your intentions are to get home, get your best snaps developed and then spend hours meticulously chronicling every detail about each photo in your newly purchased photo albums – real life will soon get in the way. Rather than let those snaps remain unappreciated on a memory stick at the bottom of the drawer, why not have your selected snaps made into a photobook? That way whenever you feel a pang for the jungle, that mountain or the friend you made, you will just have to wander to the bookshelf. What could be easier?

iPad/iPhone cCse

If you have found that one snap that you just want to take with you everywhere, a great option is to have that picture turned into an iphone or ipad case. That way one minute you can be taking a call, checking emails and reading the news – the next you can be looking at something that brings back all of those glorious memories.

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