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3 travel medications you can’t leave behind!

3 travel medications you can’t leave behind!

Working in a pharmacy, I’m starting to see more people coming in seeking advice on the ‘must-have’ medications to take with them while traveling. I could easily give them a list a page long but based on my travel experiences, these three medicines should be the first things in your backpack or suitcase.

Electrolyte Replacement Supplement

Travelers Diarrhoea

Keeping hydrated and diarrhoea tablets will help you avoid a repeat of this situation!

Keeping hydrated is essential for everyone, especially travelers. There are plenty of situations where a traveler can experience dehydration, including:

  • Traveler’s Diarrhoea
  • Air Travel
  • Travel in Air-Conditioned Buses or Trains
  • Heat/Humidity – Perspiration
  • Sport/Exercise
  • Excessive Alcohol Intake

An oral rehydration solution will help replace lost electrolytes and speed recovery.

All-In-One Antiseptic Cream

An all-in-one antiseptic cream works not only as an antiseptic, it also contains an anaesthetic to help numb any pain and an anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation. It’s great for cuts, bites, stings, itches, sunburn and minor burns – things that seem to occur quite regularly when you’re out on the road. Personally I would describe it as a magic cream and travelers can use it for multiple purposes which makes it a must-have!

Diarrhoea Tablets

Traveler’s diarrhoea is many traveler’s worst nightmare but it’s one of the most common conditions experienced when in a foreign country. When we get diarrhoea, our bodies are telling us that we’re trying to flush something out whether it’s food poisoning or a dreaded bacteria.

An electrolyte replacement supplement keeps you hydrated during a bout of traveler’s diarrhoea, but diarrhoea tablets are a must if you need to relieve or stop the symptoms. It may not cure the cause, but if you’ve got a plane/train/bus to catch or some place to be, you definitely don’t want to be fighting traveler’s diarrhoea while doing so.

There are obviously plenty more medications that you should bring with you when you travel including aspirin/paracetamol/ibuprofen, motion sickness tablets and antihistamines. But these are three that I would class as the ones you definitely can’t forget.

And people, please don’t forget your sunscreen!

What are the first medications you put in your suitcase? Add to Amy’s list in the comments!