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7 Super Shots From Our RTW Journey

7 Super Shots From Our RTW Journey

Captain and Clark first nominated us for the Hostelbookers 7 Super Shots photo journal back on February 9, over two months ago. A day later we received another nomination from our friend Amanda (A Dangerous Business) and since then another couple of nominations have come through from TravelBudgetCouple and Country Skipper.

After plenty of procrastination we’ve finally gotten around to selecting our seven photos, all of which are from our round-the-world adventure last year. You’ve seen them all before but that’s for a reason… we love each and every one of them!

1. A Photo That… Takes Our Breath Away:

A view of Vernal Fall from the footbridge.

Yosemite National Park is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world with some gorgeous waterfalls and incredible landscapes. We only spent 2 days there and saw just a small part of the spectacular scenery but a lot of it took our breath away, particularly this view of Vernal Fall. Wow!

2. A Photo That… Makes Us Laugh Or Smile:

Posing with Oliver

Our Beluga Whale Interaction still ranks right up there with the top experiences we had on our round-the-world trip. The photo above where we’re posing with the 4-year-old beluga whale Oliver never fails to bring a smile to our face – isn’t he just adorable?

3. A Photo That… Makes Us Dream:

Sunset from Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu

We took this photo in Hawaii, the first international destination of our round-the-world trip. The fact that there’s a silhouetted plane in this image just adds to its dreaminess and we would trade just about anything in the world to transport ourselves to this moment again.

4. A Photo That… Makes Us Think:

Bodie, California

Bodie is a Californian ghost town located east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It was declared a “ghost town” in 1915 and has been in a state of arrested decay ever since. Why does it make us think?

While we were here we essentially felt like we had gone back in time and it’s hard to believe that this isolated ghost town was once a bustling mining center and California’s second or third largest city in the 1880’s. What would it have been like to live back then? With 65 saloons on the main street, we’d imagine probably drunk a lot of the time.

5. A Photo That… Makes Our Mouths Water:

Panda Express Orange Chicken

We spent nearly 3 months in the United States and while we were there the two of us developed an unhealthy addiction to Panda Express’ Orange Chicken. The fact that we can’t get it here in Australia makes us crave it even more and even though some people might not share our love for it, this photo does make our mouths water.

6. A Photo That… Tells A Story:

Kieron and Amy holding hands

Even though we posed for this photo, it tells a hundred stories (and you probably could make up a few as well). Walking hand-in-hand across the rugged Icelandic landscape… we’ll leave it at that. If you want, go ahead and write your best caption or short story in the comments below and we’ll share the best of them! What do you see?

7. A Photo That… We Are Most Proud Of (AKA Our Worthy of National Geographic Shot):

Loch Lomond Scotland

We were proud of a lot of photos that we took but none more than this one of Loch Lomond in Scotland. The clouds, the fall colors, the reflection in the water and the bird that snuck into the shot all make this photo simply spectacular and we love it! Now does National Geographic (or anyone for that matter) want to pay us thousands of dollars for it? No? Ahh well, it was worth a shot.

Since everyone has probably done their 7 Super Shots by now, we’re not going to nominate anyone in particular. But if you haven’t yet and want us to tag you, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to do so!