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A day at Sentosa Island, Singapore

A day at Sentosa Island, Singapore

During our time in Singapore in 2008 we visited some of the more famous attractions the island has to offer such as the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Flyer and had a fantastic time. However one regret we did have from our time in Singapore was not spending enough time at Sentosa Island, also known as “Asia’s Favorite Playground”.

So when we decided to revisit Singapore in April, one of our priorities was to make up for this lack of time at Sentosa. And what better way than taking advantage of the brand new Sentosa Day Play Pass, a ticket which allows guests to experience up to 13 attractions on the island resort!

After catching the MRT to VivoCity Shopping Mall early in the morning and picking up our tickets, we made the leisurely stroll across the very pretty Sentosa Boardwalk.

Sentosa Boardwalk

Some of the greenery along the Sentosa Boardwalk.

We loved the boardwalk, however if you’ve never been to Sentosa before we do recommend taking the Jewel Cable Car ride at least one-way so that you can enjoy the experience and the panoramic views of Singapore.

Sentosa Island Attractions

Our Sentosa Day Play Pass gave us access to the 13 attractions below.

Sentosa Attractions

During our time at Sentosa, we managed to squeeze in 9 of the 13 attractions. Our highlights included:

  • Discovering we hadn’t lost any of our Segway skills on the Segway Fun Ride.
  • Riding on the Skyline Luge, an exciting downhill ride that we could easily have enjoyed multiple times.
  • Going inside The Merlion and checking out the spectacular views of the rest of Sentosa and Singapore from The Merlion’s crown.
  • Images of Singapore gave us a great insight into Singapore’s history, explaining how the tiny island became a nation and has transformed into what it is today.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day:

In front of Sentosa Merlion

In front of the Merlion at Sentosa.

A parrot at the Sentosa Nature Discvoery

A parrot at the Nature Discovery.

Segway Fun Ride

Segway Fun Ride.

Images of Singapore

Images of Singapore.

Sentosa CineBlast

If there’s one attraction at Sentosa that deserves a special mention, it’s Sentosa CineBlast. The Extreme Log Ride was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before! Rather than even attempt to describe it, here’s the description from YourSingapore:

Ride on white-water rapids, fly atop high mountains and rush through valleys when you take a ride on this state-of-the-art virtual rollercoaster. On the Extreme Log Ride, you’ll be thrust into the Himalayas and the Amazon Forest with twists and turns that are amazingly life-like.

Built at a cost of $4.5million, Cineblast gives you a thrill ride like never before! Check out the trailer below – it gives you some idea of what the ride is like although it hardly does the special effects you experience any justice.

The nearby Sentosa 4D Magix and Desperados attractions are also a lot of fun and come with glowing recommendations from the two of us!

Our One Disappointment

Unfortunately due to lightning strikes and some impending rain in the afternoon, most of the attractions and rides at Sentosa were shut down for a couple of hours. The biggest disappointment for us was missing out on having a turn on The Flying Trapeze, which was one of the attractions we were most looking forward to.

The staff at The Flying Trapeze were terrific (they truly were apologetic) and were optimistic of the ride re-opening later in the evening. However once the rain settled in, it was clear that it wasn’t going to stop so off we went off to enjoy some delicious chicken rice at Tastes of Singapore instead.

Chicken Rice

Not all was lost! We enjoyed this Hainanese Chicken Rice at Tastes of Singapore while we waited for the rain to stop.

We do applaud the safety-first mentality of Sentosa and obviously they can’t control the weather, however if you’re visiting Sentosa we recommend that you do your ‘must-do’ attractions early in the day if possible to avoid missing out if there is that threat of bad weather (which is always a possibility in this part of the world).

Final Thoughts

The Sentosa Day Play Pass, priced at S$63.90 for adults (S$69.90 on weekends), is terrific value and gives you S$159 worth of attractions. Even if you miss out on a few attractions like we did, the cost savings are still enormous and having the pass reduces potential queueing time significantly.

For those who are interested, Sentosa also offer a Noon Play Pass (4 of the 13 attractions, valid 2:30pm to 7:00pm) and a Premium Play Pass offering additional attractions including the Megazip Adventure Park.

Despite our disappointment of missing out on The Flying Trapeze, we still had a very enjoyable day at Sentosa and definitely plan on returning here some day! No matter how old you are or what you’re interested in, spending a day at Sentosa Island truly is just a fun day out.

Disclaimer: We received complimentary Sentosa Day Play Passes from Sentosa. All thoughts and opinions in this review are our own.