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Acacia Africa’s Top 5 Finance Fix

Acacia Africa’s Top 5 Finance Fix

To conclude our series on ways to save money before you travel, Acacia Africa asked their adventurers how to save those extra pounds for the big trip. The tour operator’s top five finance fix ensures you’re on the road to round-the-world discovery in no time…

Welcome Mat1. Move in with your parents!

Living with olds isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but family can be a huge help when it comes to salvaging that extra cash. Ditch the monthly rent cheque and move back in with mum and dad. If you’re leaving on an extended RTW trip it pays to have quality time with your parents before you head off, and they might even have some noteworthy travel tips you can take with you!

(Amy & Kieron – we moved in with parents in December 2010 to save money for our round-the-world trip. It’s difficult at times, but we’ve been able to increase our savings by at least $1,500 a month and probably more!)

Selling CDs2. Rip your music and then sell it!

You love your sounds, but you can’t take your entire collection out on tour.  Buy a hard drive and stash all your favourite tracks on your Mac or PC.  You’ll find plenty of hardened CD fans at the local car boot sale and after loading them up you can make your music pay.

(Amy & Kieron – we’re not sure if this is legal so best you check before following this advice!)

Garage Sale3. Sell everything you won’t take with you.

There’s only so much you can get in the backpack, so ditch anything you don’t need. If it’s hard going, make a list of everything you’re finding it hard to part with, and write down exactly why you need to keep the item.  If you can’t find a valid reason – it’s time to let go! Aside from psychologically lessening the load, you’ll have learnt a lot about travelling light, and it’ll be a cinch when it comes to packing. Include your entire horde from clothes to furniture, save on the gas, and pin-up a few garage sale posters in your local neighbourhood.

(Amy & Kieron – get started with Frugal February Challenge #2 if you haven’t already done so!)

Dinner Party4. Don’t go out, stay in!

Swap the big night out for a big night in.  When you’re saving for travel, curbing your social life is unfortunately a necessity, but that doesn’t mean putting everything on hold.  Host some “Bring your own” Friday nights back at your place and enjoy the company of your friends without a curfew on closing time.

Shopping List5. Make sacrifices at the shops.

Let go of the consumer in you!  It’s amazing how attached we are to brands, but it’s best to ditch any compulsions based on fashion if you want to see the world. Remember pennies make pounds, so when you hit the supermarket look for the best value product and come equipped with a set list and budget.

(Amy & Kieron – see our posts on Frugal Foodie Ideas and Stay away from malls/shopping centers to save money for more great advice!)

If you have any other tips on how to save money before travel that we haven’t already covered in Frugal February, please share them with us in the comments.

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