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An All-You-Can-Eat Dessert Buffet – It Exists, In Singapore!

An All-You-Can-Eat Dessert Buffet – It Exists, In Singapore!

50 cool flavors of ice cream, 40 exciting toppings, chocolate fondue fountains and an assortment of delicious pastries and cakes. Does that sound like your idea of heaven?

But this place is no dream. This exclusive heaven actually exists at Swensen’s at ION Orchard located on the famous Orchard Road in Singapore. We first learned about Swensen’s after reading about it on Living the Dream and knew that we couldn’t miss out on eating here.

Swensen's Menu

Kieron was determined to taste every flavor of ice cream and headed straight for the ice cream buffet, loading up with a plate with 8 different flavors mixing traditional favorites such as chocolate and thin mint with the unique tastes of apple crumble and milo.

Ice Cream... So Much Ice Cream!

Meanwhile, Amy was around the side of the buffet indulging in chocolate cake and a several mini-chocolate bars. Basically anything chocolatey she could get her hands on!


Within minutes, Kieron was onto his second plate of ice cream but was showing signs of slowing down. Shouldn’t have opted for those full scoops! We eventually lost count of how many flavors he had tried but it definitely wouldn’t have been more than half of them.

Amy, who had paced herself a lot better, was still enjoying a mixture of chocolate delights, locating fruit and marshallows for dipping in two different chocolate fondue fountains. If she had her way, she would dip everything in chocolate!

Chocolate Fountains

Swensen’s also serve hot food but we’ll be honest – the food is pretty terrible. So skip the main meal and go straight for the dessert bar!

You might not get your money’s worth but it’s one hell of a fun meal, particularly if you love your ice cream and chocolate as much as the two of us!

Swensen'sThe Details

Swensen’s ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn,#B1-31, ION Orchard

A la Carte – $18.90 Adults, $13.90 12 Years and Under
With Food Orders – $12.90 Adults, $9.90 12 Years and Under