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Announcing Frugal February

Announcing Frugal February

With an estimated 6 months until our round-the-world trip kicks off, we’re 45% of the way to our savings target and currently tracking behind where we want to be at this stage. Concerned, we did some calculations and realized that at our current rate of savings we’d only get to 96% of our final savings goal, a few thousand dollars short of what we ultimately wanted. “Oh shit!” we thought to ourselves – the last thing we want to do is postpone this trip yet again!

Considering we’re already putting away nearly 50% of our incomes and making some major sacrifices, how the hell are we going to squeeze out that little bit extra to reach our target? We brainstormed a few ideas and then an absolute gem of an idea hit us!

February 2011 Calendar

We're running a month of personal finance posts to help you achieve your travel dreams faster!

Frugal February!

An entire month dedicated to finding ways to save extra money for travel and implementing those ideas. For the four-week period between Tuesday 1 February and Monday 28 February, we’ll be posting about various personal finance topics and sharing our frugality ideas with our readers. The objective is to inspire you (and ourselves!) to apply the advice given and reach your travel dreams much faster!

Want to get involved?

Apart from implementing the ideas shared during February, we’d love to get other members of the travel community involved in this initiative. We’re looking for submissions, whether it be a short guest post or just sending a few ideas our way. Please contact us if you’re available to help!

But I want advice now!

Check out this brilliant post, 9 Money-Saving Tips For Travelers From Travelers on A Dangerous Business. These fantastic tips will be more than enough to tide you over for the rest of January!

So do yourself a favor and set a reminder to visit Don’t Ever Look Back on Tuesday 1 February for the first of our Frugal February posts!

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