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Appreciating Life’s Little Things – A Beautiful Sky

Appreciating Life’s Little Things – A Beautiful Sky

After you’ve been traveling long-term, one thing that changes is that you start to appreciate the little things a lot more.

You appreciate not having to wear flip-flops in the shower. You appreciate being able to sleep in your own bed. And you appreciate those comfort foods of home like a chicken parma or Vegemite on toast.

But you also start to appreciate the natural beauty in this world we live in and often the two of us find ourselves just looking up at the sky in awe. No, we’re not weirdos with a fetish for the sky – we’ve just learned over the past 12 months or so that the sky is a beautiful thing even in the worst of weather and no matter where you are in the world, it’s always there for you to look at and admire.

The sky out of a plane

It can be that extra fluffy cloud that looks comfy enough to sleep on. The beautiful colors of a sunrise…


That become even more spectacular when the sun sets…

Sunset on our nightly walk

Even that imminent thunderstorm heading your way can be beautiful…


And then when the sky clears, the beauty is still there…

Calm after the storm

The sky is amazing.

And it’s completely free to enjoy! So take a minute or two from your busy day, stop where you are and look up at the heavens. You never know, it may just instantly brighten up your day and perhaps you’ll start appreciating a little thing such as the sky the same way that we have.

All photos in this post were taken on an iPhone 3GS and shared via Instagram.