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Capture The Colour

Capture The Colour

Over a month ago Seattle and Chrystal first nominated the two of us for Travel Supermarket’s Capture The Colour contest – a competition in which bloggers share photos representing the colours blue, yellow, red, white and green.

Since then Maddie and Paul from Two For The Road, Tash from Joulet, Laura and Claire from Two 4 Travel and Sam from Sam’s World have all sent nominations our way and after SIX nominations, it’s about time we took action.


Blue Lagoon Panorama

We couldn’t go past the popular Blue Lagoon in Iceland, a geothermal spa known for its bright blue waters.

This is the panorama we took from there just after the sun had set and the colours were at their best.


US School Bus

It might sound crazy but riding in an American school bus is something that was on our bucket list when we started our round-the-world trip in the United States last year.

Funnily enough, we managed to tick it off the list on our second last day in the country on a visit to the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t all that comfortable but at least we can now say that we’ve been there, done that.


Golden Gate Bridge

Even though Golden Gate Bridge’s official colour is “International Orange”, this San Francisco landmark is considerably closer to red than orange.

We’ve got hundreds of photos of the bridge but this one stood out because of the famous thick San Francisco fog that engulfs the bridge. Can you believe that we shot this photo from directly below the Golden Gate Bridge while we were on a Bay Cruise?


Beluga Whale

We had an image of the White House ready to go but at the last minute changed our minds and went with Oliver the adorable beluga whale instead.

Swimming with beluga whales remains one of our favorite memories ever and we’re glad that we made the switch to this photo!


Green Lake Central Park NYC

One of the most fun things we did while in New York City was hire rowboats in Central Park for an hour, making our way around the 22-acre lake.

We distinctly remember the strange green colour of the water which was due to a mixture of algae and pollution and this earns it selection as our “green” photo for Capture the Colour.

We’re not sure who has or hasn’t been nominated already so if you want to be one of the five bloggers we nominate please leave us a comment and we’ll add your name in here.

Our Nominations:

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