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Category Archive: Trip Planning

How To Earn Money To Fund Your Ongoing Travels

Most travellers are amazed how much they can save up before they head off on their round the world trip. But post- trip, if you aren’t ready to pack away your rucksack yet, saving will only get you so far. Now it’s time to start earning while you go.

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We could have been seeing this in South Africa next month!

7 Ways To Survive When You’re Not Traveling

Although I’m thoroughly enjoying the fresh challenges of working full-time and it’s great to be earning money again, the realization that we’re not going to be traveling in the next few months is really starting to set in and it […]

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5 Ways We Saved Over $30,000 In 12 Months For Our Round-The-World Trip

In the lead-up to our big around-the-world adventure last year, we wrote extensively about the various strategies we used to save the money needed to fund several months of travel. The end result? We saved over $30,000 in just 12 […]

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Random Travel Experiences: Are They The Best?

As great as certain tourist attractions and landmarks can be, there’s always a level of expectation surrounding them. If the attraction surpasses your expectations, your experience is guaranteed to be positive. As you’ve probably established over the past few months, […]

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Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One While Traveling

In November 2011, my 89-year-old grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep in Melbourne, Australia after a long battle with illness. I desperately wanted to attend her funeral the following week but unfortunately our circumstances, being in Amsterdam at the […]

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The Things We Did Wrong On Our RTW Trip

We were delighted that we did a lot of things right on our round-the-world trip, but not everything went as planned and we also made our fair share of mistakes during the journey. Fortunately none of these mistakes were too major, […]

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The Things We Did Right On Our RTW Trip

As you’re probably aware, the two of us are back home in Melbourne, Australia after our whirlwind adventure around the world. We made a lot of mistakes while we were away but fortunately we also got a lot of things […]

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Eight Tips For Surviving A Long-Haul Flight

With an impending 14-hour flight from Paris to Kuala Lumpur, we’re starting to feel a little bit anxious. The two of us aren’t the biggest fans of flying and these longer flights definitely don’t do our dislike for air travel any favors. […]

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