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Category Archive: Pre-Trip

RTW Destination #1: Hawaii

Decisions. It seems like we’ve been making plenty of them lately for our round-the-world adventure but that’s just part of the fun, right? Firstly we had to choose between Fiji or Hawaii as to which would be the first stop […]

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Shit just got real!

After a hell of a lot of deliberation, the dilemma we faced a few weeks ago when we were trying to decide between Fiji and Hawaii as a starting point for our round-the-world adventure has now been sorted. In 170 days from today on Tuesday 26 July 2011, we’ll be flying with Jetstar from Sydney to Honolulu on a one-way ticket and won’t be looking back!

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Fijian Beach Huts?

Fiji or Hawaii? Help us decide!

While researching the flights that were supposed to kick-off our around-the-world adventure, we made an alarming discovery. One-way tickets can be more expensive than return fares! After sharing this with our Facebook community, we soon found that we weren’t the only ones […]

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Singapore Flyer - November 2008.

Revisiting Singapore

In our last post, we explained how one sentence immediately changed our travel plans as a result of Kieron’s grandmother being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With the decision made to travel to the Philippines in early April, suddenly we needed […]

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My grandmother and I in 2008 - Talisay City, Cebu.

How one sentence can immediately change travel plans

I’ve been to the Philippines 3 times in my life – once as an infant in 1986, again as a child in 1995 and I finally made it there as an adult in 2008. The reason for my multiple visits? […]

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Merry Christmas from Don't Ever Look Back

Merry Christmas from Amy and Kieron

The clock has just passed midnight here in Melbourne which means in our little part of the world it’s now officially December 25, better known to most folks as Christmas Day. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all […]

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Our moving experience and why you should declutter NOW!

Recently we moved out of our 2-bedroom apartment and back to Amy’s parents’ house in preparation for our round-the-world adventure. Without going into too much detail and transforming this blog post into an extended rant about why moving sucks, let’s […]

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The challenge of delayed gratification

We honestly thought that once we made the decision to travel long-term, the few months leading up to our RTW would be simple and the time would just fly past. We figured that our minds would be focused solely on […]

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