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Choosing Life (And A Dream Job) Over Travel

Choosing Life (And A Dream Job) Over Travel

Just over a week ago it was proudly announced on our Facebook Page that we were going to New Zealand for the first time in April. After the flights were booked we immediately started researching potential activities and compiled an impressive itinerary featuring Rotorua, Wellington, Auckland and many other North Island attractions (including Zorbing!).

Today’s post was supposed to be titled “We’re Going To New Zealand” with complete details of our plans and asking you, our readers, to tell us what you think we should do there.

SkyJump Auckland

SkyJump Auckland - something we were considering doing in April.

Instead this post is being used to announce that our plans to travel to New Zealand have now been postponed indefinitely.

What the hell, you might be thinking? Well there’s a good reason behind this decision. As of next Monday I’ll be employed by the Australian Football League on a three-month contract to work on the biggest sporting website in Australia.

Kieron back to wearing a suit

Back to wearing a suit as of next Monday!

Considering football and online media are two of my biggest passions in life (excluding travel, of course!), this is as close to my dream job as I’m going to get. In fact, it’s the elusive job I was desperately searching for before Amy & I decided that we wanted to travel long-term in late 2010.

Although taking this job meant sacrificing our immediate travel plans, I had no hesitations in accepting the contract offer when it came my way.

I know we’re usually strong advocates of getting people to travel as soon as possible but our underlying message is always the same…

Do whatever makes you happy!

After being rejected for a Canadian Working Visa last year, it made me realize that everything in life happens for a reason. As a consequence, another door opened and we were able to visit Iceland which became our favorite destination in the entire world.

The timing of this job offer proves that we’re destined to be in Melbourne for at least a few more months and in my situation, the positives of accepting this position far outweigh the negatives.

I get the chance to try out my dream job (while getting paid handsomely to do so!), I get work experience that is certain to make me more attractive to future employers and we know that New Zealand will still be there for us to visit in three months time.

If an opportunity comes your way in life and it makes you happy, seize it!

“I do not regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do.”
– Rory Cochrane


If you were offered your dream job tomorrow, would you sacrifice travel in order to take it?

Flickr Photo: Daniele Sartori