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Guest Post: Holidays For Goths – Festivals, Trips and Cruises

Guest Post: Holidays For Goths – Festivals, Trips and Cruises

This is a sponsored guest post by Amy Chambers.

Blazing sun, hot humidity, sea, sand and snorkelling – most people’s idea of a perfect holiday, right? But hardly ideal conditions if you’re dressed head to toe in sweltering black, you’re averse to tanning and you like to wear outrageous makeup that’s prone to melting in excessive heat.

So where do you go on holiday if you’re a Goth? Of course, there’s Transylvania – yes, it’s got crumbly old castles and spooky forests but it’s hardly party central (not to mention it’s hard to get travel insurance against vampire attack). If you’re in the mood for something more social, why not check out some of the Gothic gatherings below – like-minded alternatives have organised festivals, markets and even cruises that cater specifically to those of a darkly romantic inclination.

Under the Blue Moon – Australia

Think Australia, think sun-kissed surfers and Bondi beach babes – but think Sydney over Halloween and you should be thinking a smoky-eyed extravaganza of black lace and Blue Moons. UTBM festival has music, lectures and precedes a fantabulous gothic fashion show: it’s a chance for the Ozzie Goth community to meet, get inspired and do a little shopping. Bring your travel money – you’ll want to spend big at their quirky and cool stalls, auctions and markets.

Wave-Gotik-Treffen – Germany

What do you get if you take four days, divide them between 150 bands and then add 20,000 Goths? One of the biggest Gothic festivals in the world: Wave-Gotik-Treffen. Held annually in Leipzig since Germany reunited, it’s also got Pagan and Viking markets, film premiers and loads of inspiring literary/poetry readings going on.

Traditionally it takes place over Pentecost weekend but unofficial partying can start as early as Thursday. You can even camp out for the three nights and your wristband lets you ride transport for free in the town.

Shadowplay – Belgium

Shadowplay used to be the ‘GothicFest’ but moved sites and changed names this year – not the biggest festival out there but the band line up is historically excellent. Night time’s the right time for loud electro beats as well as hard rock; during the day, munch on some delicious local chocolate while browsing the indoor and outdoor markets.

Whitby Goth Festival – United Kingdom

The small seaside town of Whitby in the North of England doesn’t seem, at first glance, like the most obvious place to hold a Gothic festival – but delve a little deeper and you’ll find its sinisterly romantic coastline features in Bram Stoker’s seminal novel Dracula. The festival started almost twenty years ago when forty NME penpals decided to meet there – now, it’s a bi-annual celebration of the music, culture and literature of Goths.

One of the nicest things about this festival is how welcoming the Whitby community is – there’s even a charity football match between Goths and hacks from the local newspaper.

Gothic Cruise – New York

Subject of the documentary ‘Goth Cruise’: every year, a group of Goths set sail from New York on the Celebrity Summit, a luxurious ship with a casino and a cruise speed of 24 knots. This year it’s a 20s theme: Goth flappers and gangsters will participate in the yearly Halloween Ball and Skaryoke, partying hard and rocking out in between seeing the beautiful scenery around Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Flickr Photo: smurfun

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