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Guest Post: Ideal European Airports

Guest Post: Ideal European Airports

This is a guest post by Nathan Brooks who has been a freelance traveler and writer since 2001. An enthusiastic blogger and traveler, Nathan publishes articles about his own travels, experiences and everything else he is passionate about.

Europe is a haven for travellers not only for its great scenery, stunning food and famous culture – it is also home to a wide array of sites in close proximity to each other. Indeed, you can move from one country to another easily, dining one night in Rome, the next in Geneva and then on to Berlin or Prague. With this in mind it is crucial to fly into the right airport to kick-start your European adventure. Here are two of the best airports to consider booking a flight to.


Amsterdam is a fantastic airport for people looking to explore France and Germany. If you get a flight to Amsterdam you will be able to jump on a train that will take you directly to Paris or on to Berlin. These two cities have some of the most interesting culture in Europe and they must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Amsterdam itself is also well worth a visit, with its great museums, picturesque canals and great nightlife.


Frankfurt is one of the major hubs for global air transport. Millions of passengers pass through its gates ever year – this makes it an incredibly convenient place to start your trip as it is possible to catch a connecting flight to pretty much anywhere. The airport itself is alright, yet it offers such incredible convenience which will be perfect if you want to cover a lot of ground during your time on the continent.

If you are looking to travel to Europe you won’t go wrong by booking into either of these two airports – they are incredibly convenient and will allow you to travel onwards quickly and easily.

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