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Happy Australia Day 2012: The Havaianas Thong Challenge

Happy Australia Day 2012: The Havaianas Thong Challenge

Yesterday, January 26, marked Australia Day and it was a day we had been looking forward to since coming home from our RTW trip.

The two of us were determined to make 2012 the best Australia Day ever, however with the date approaching fast we had no plans in mind and things were starting to look grim. That was until we spotted this on the official Australia Facebook page.

Facebook Post Australia Page

The Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge!

An attempt at a world record for the longest line of inflatable airbeds on the ocean at one time. The airbeds of choice? Giant Havaianas inflatable thongs (or flip-flops for you North Americans!).

Plans sorted! On Australia Day morning we set off for Torquay in Victoria, collected our thongs and were part of a strong group of 1236 people who entered the water on their giant thongs.

Here’s a video from our day’s adventures:

Unfortunately Victoria came in third behind Western Australia with 2088 people (the new record holders!) and Bondi Beach but it was still an awesome day and everyone who participated had a brilliant time.

Despite both of us suffering from some pretty bad sunburn, we can safely say that this was the best Australia Day we’ve had yet!