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Happy Third Birthday To Us!

Happy Third Birthday To Us!

Can you believe it? Today is officially the third birthday of Don’t Ever Look Back and it’s amazing to think that we’ve spent this date on each of the past three years on completely different continents.

Our first birthday was spent in North America in New York City on our round-the-world trip while our second birthday was at home in Melbourne, Australia just before we made our way across to New Zealand.

If you’re not following our Facebook page (and why aren’t you, we must ask?!), you’ll never guess where we are for our third birthday!

Elephants in Hwange National Park

We’re currently in Hwange National Park, the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe.

Yep, that’s right – we are in Africa and have just returned from a game drive that included sightings of several giraffe, a huge herd of elephants and a pack of painted dogs. Just wait until you see the photos and videos we have from this evening!

The past week has been spent in Zimbabwe and we have stories to share from Harare, Bulawayo and across the country! Tomorrow we head for Victoria Falls for two nights and we’re excited to check out one of the wonders of the world.


The Year 2013 And What’s Next?

It’s been a very different year for the two of us in 2013 as we’ve done considerably more solo travel than previous years.

Amy has visited two spectacular destinations in Oman and South Africa and still has plenty more to write about those adventures while Kieron visited the United States in March to follow the NBA from Miami to New York City. There has also been the recent visit to Kakadu National Park and of course Zimbabwe, our current destination.

As for what’s next, there’s a few trips in the pipeline but these will be announced when we are 100% confirmed. Sign up to our Free Newsletter to be the first to find out!


Thank You!

As we’ve done in the previous two birthday posts, a huge THANK YOU must go to you – our loyal readers.

You’re the sole reason we’re still here writing and if we can help even just one of you to make your next trip more memorable, then our job is done!

We’re the first to admit that we haven’t been as consistent as we would have liked with this blog in 2013 but it’s something that we’re working hard to bring back and we have so many awesome stories still to write that we know you’re going to love!

Here’s to the next 12 months!