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How to deal with frustration

This is a guest post by Maria Climent, a 26-year-old Catalan lady. After studying translation, she decided her life was odd enough to become a humor scriptwriter and by default, a blogger. This is how she’s now a mother of no-one and a better person. She also cooks her meals.

Frustration occurs every time we don’t get what we want, when we had certain expectations of something and this “something” did not turn out the way we thought or wished it would, whether it is an unrequited love, an unachieved dream job or a spoiled trip you had been planning for ages, saving up money, dreaming about staying in one of the Rome apartments.

And the truth is that frustration can do a lot of harm to a person: From lack of self-esteem or apathy to extreme stress to depression. So, knowing how to handle it can safe us many very unpleasant feelings.

Actually, when travelling, we are exposed to loads of potential frustrations: We could miss the plane and ruin the schedule of our holiday. We can reach our destination but the weather could be awful during the entire holiday. Or simply we may not find whatever (or whoever) we are looking for during that trip. Well, regarding these situations that leave a bad taste in our mouth, we can simply do two things: Accept them or not. Obviously, we have the right to not accept something that didn’t go as we expected to, but we must be able to distinguish whether the situation is irreversible or we have still options or reasons to keep on fighting.

For sure if we get separated from our travellers’ group in Hanoi, we will not give up, we will not say: “Oh, damn it, this is the end. I lost my friends, I’m stuck here forever.” But, imagine we travel to the remotest village of China just to tell the person that you want to be with how you feel, and this exact person so dear to you, introduces you to the person he or she has just married with the brightest smile, we should indeed accept it. I mean, accept we have tried as much as we have been able to, but when things just do not depend on us, there is no reason to get frustrated. End of season. Start of a new one.

Of course, to avoid frustration there are several things we shouldn’t do, like for example wishing for impossible things to happen; let’s be realistic, probably Julia Roberts will never get to know you and even less probably, get to fall in love with you. Or you will not fly a plane if you are color-blind, well, you know, all these things. But also, more importantly, stay positive. I like to think that if something doesn’t happen for us, it was not supposed to be, for whatever reason. That it’s better this way. And remember, maintaining positive thought helps to avoid frustration and also stress.

Realizing you’re having stress is not difficult. If you find it hard to concentrate, to relax, if you don’t sleep well and feel disturbed or nervous, you might be experiencing a stress episode. The best thing to do when we are in such situations is taking things easy, getting one of the apartments in Rome, or somewhere far from home and disconnect, devoting time to yourself. Believe me, time can stand still for a little while.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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