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Mamak – The Best Malaysian Food In Sydney

Mamak – The Best Malaysian Food In Sydney

When a restaurant is recommended by so many people (it was recommended to us by at least three fellow bloggers) and has a queue of customers waiting every night wanting to eat there, you know that it’s sure to be something special.

Mamak, a Malaysian restaurant located in Sydney’s Chinatown, was one of our “must-eats” on our recent visit to the Harbour City and their website features quotes such as this one…

“Best roti canai this side of the Indian Ocean”
– The Sunday Telegraph

Big claims, but would they prove to be true? We arrived at Mamak just before 6pm and although it was already crowded, we walked straight in and were given a table at the back of the restaurant.

We’re very glad that we arrived early as this is what we saw after leaving the restaurant around 7pm, despite the pouring rain. Crazy! I think we would have had to order meals online at Eat Now if we showed up and saw that queue!

The queue at Mamak on a Sunday Night

The roti cooks were busy at work (as you could imagine!) and you could watch them work their magic through the front window of the restaurant as you waited for a table which was very cool.

Cooking at Mamak Sydney

We were quite hungry by the time we arrived and both ordered a serving of the famous Roti Canai, described in the menu as the original roti – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. For our main we shared a dish of Kari Ayam (classic chicken curry) with rice.

Mamak Menu

It was literally 5 minutes until the food hit our tables – talk about fast service!

Roti Canai from Mamak Sydney

We eagerly tucked into our roti served with 3 dips (dhal, curry and a dollop of spicy sambal) and certainly weren’t disappointed! Piece by piece we pull it apart and soak up the accompanying dips and are sad to finish – we really wish we ordered more of the roti but there’s always next time!

Chicken Curry from Mamak Sydney

Next up was the chicken curry which was packed full of flavor! Even though it was one of the milder choices on the menu, it still had quite the kick to it. Our inexperienced taste buds struggled with it but we made sure to finish every last bit of this delectable dish!

We left Mamak more than satisfied and the total of our bill came to less than $40!

You can now add us to the list of travel bloggers who would happily suggest this restaurant to anyone visiting Sydney in the future.

Mamak is located on Goulburn Street in Sydney and is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. If you’re feeling like a sweet treat afterwards (like we were), head to the nearby Gelatissimo at 431-439 Sussex Street and enjoy some ultra indulgent gelato – it’s delicious!