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Mmm… Chocolate! Cadbury World Dunedin

Mmm… Chocolate! Cadbury World Dunedin

Chocolate and beer.

These are two of the major reasons we vowed to return to Belgium one day, two of the reasons we absolutely loved Tasmania and the focus of the first two experiences we booked for our visit to New Zealand.

Dunedin is the home to Cadbury World, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and we made sure this was our first stop in NZ.

Welcome to Cadbury World

Unfortunately due to it being Christmas holidays, we were unable to take the Factory Tour as it wasn’t in production and we were placed on the Shortened Tour instead.

As we waited for our tour to commence, the two of us wandered through the Visitor Center to learn about the history of Cadbury and how it has evolved throughout the years.

Historic Cadbury Box

Our tour guide Maurice arrived right on time and led the group through to the theatre where we were shown the history of the Dunedin Factory and how some of the products were manufactured. We were then asked to lock our cameras, video recorders and cell phones away as they were prohibited on the tour… disappointing for us, yes, but rules are rules.

The bag of goodies Maurice handed us made up for our disappointment as we made our way into the factory and he explained how three Cadbury products are made from the cocoa bean – the milk chocolate, white chocolate (Dream) and dark chocolate (Old Gold).

Once he finished the explanation, it was then the moment we had been waiting for! Maurice led us up the spiral staircase of the five-storey tall purple silo and to a platform where we witnessed this…

Chocolate Waterfall - Photo Courtesy of Cadbury World

One tonne of chocolate pouring down right before our very eyes in what is the world’s largest chocolate waterfall.

Yep, you read that correctly. A god damn chocolate waterfall!

We definitely wouldn’t mind swimming under that! The tour just continued to get better as Maurice handed us some fresh dairy milk liquid chocolate on our next stop – warm, gooey and absolutely delicious! We then were shown another quick video of how they make Pebbles and Jaffas.

Maurice confirmed to us that Jaffas were indeed invented in New Zealand but as passionate Aussies we’re still not 100% convinced. Anyone want to back us up?

Amy and Kieron at Cadbury World

Our 45-minute tour concluded with a quick photo in front of the vintage trucks before we stepped into the Cadbury World shop and loaded up on some of New Zealand’s favorite confectionery products – Jaffas, Pebbles and Pineapple Lumps! Mmm… chocolate!

Amy in the Cadbury World Shop

If you’re as much of a sweet tooth as the two of us, a visit to Cadbury World is a must on any visit to Dunedin. We’re sure that the Full Tour would be well worth the $20 admission fee!

The Details

Cadbury World
280 Cumberland Street, Dunedin

See for more information.

Disclaimer: We received complimentary entry into Cadbury World. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.