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Nothing Says Welcome Back To Australia Like A Chicken Parma!

Nothing Says Welcome Back To Australia Like A Chicken Parma!

Speaking with some fellow Aussies at Muay Thai Boxing Camp, I asked what everyone was looking forward to the most when they got back to Australia.

After answers such as “a haircut” and “seeing friends and family”, one answer was consistent from just about every member of the group.

A chicken parmigiana.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, a “chicken parma” is a chicken schnitzel topped with ham, Napoli sauce and melted tasty cheese typically served with chips (fries) and a salad.

Chicken Parmigiana, Chips and Salad

I think the fact that I wasn’t the only one craving this delicious cuisine says something about how engraved into Aussie culture these things are. Chicken parmigianas are popular right across the country (particularly in pubs and casual dining venues) and there are even websites dedicated to finding the best chicken parma in each state.

Before we departed on our round-the-world adventure back in July, I wrote that a chicken parmigiana and chips was one of the things that I would miss the most and as the weeks and months on the road progressed, the cravings became stronger and stronger.

So when that plane touched down at Melbourne Airport, you know what was on my mind! (apart from seeing Amy again, of course!)

My second chicken parma of the week!

Due to a lack of transport, it did take me a couple of days to finally have a chicken parma after arriving back in Melbourne. But that first bite into a juicy chicken breast was heavenly and it was only 4 days later that I was enjoying my second delectable chicken parma for the week.

Cravings satisfied. For now.

What do you most look forward to after an extended time away from home?