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Our Top Five Beers From South East Asia

Our Top Five Beers From South East Asia

There are many things that keep drawing us back to South East Asia – from the warm weather to the friendly people, cheap prices and delicious food. But another aspect of the region we’ve fallen in love with is the beer. Even when we’re back home in Australia, we still usually buy Asian beer.

Travel Indochina’s Infographic looks at the Top Beers of Asia and we went through the list and picked out a couple of our favorites.

1. Asahi – Japan

We haven’t been to Japan yet but we’ve fallen in love with its beer. Asahi isn’t the cheapest brew going around but once you’ve had a taste of this super dry beer that is perfect for all seasons, it’s hard to go back to anything else.

2. Singha – Thailand

There’s nothing better than kicking back on a banana lounge overlooking the Andaman Sea and sipping on an ice-cold Singha in between dips in the crystal clear turquoise waters. It makes us want to go back there now!

3. Tiger – Singapore

Tiger is listed under Laos on the infographic but we fell in love with it in Singapore where this pale lager goes down like water. If you read our post about eating hawker food by Marina Bay, you’ll see us with our Tiger beer while watching the spectacular light show from the Marina Bay Sands.

They were out top three beers from the infographic, but there were two that weren’t mentioned that we think deserve some credit.

4. Bintang – Indonesia

It’s not something we consume a whole lot of here in Australia but on our first overseas trip to beautiful Bali, we enjoyed a Bintang or three every chance we got. It’s part of the culture for tourists over there – just look around and you’ll see Bintang singlets everywhere. We’ll even admit that we purchased a few!

5. San Miguel – Philippines

You didn’t think we’d leave the Philippines off, did you? When you pay less than 50 cents for a beer you’d expect it to be of poor quality but San Miguel is anything but. It’s no wonder that San Miguel Pale Pilsen has such a good reputation all around the world and if you haven’t tried one yet – do it.

What’s your favorite beer from South East Asia?