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Sucked In By American Reality TV

Sucked In By American Reality TV

Before we departed on our round-the-world trip, we vowed to reduce the amount of time watching television and instead be more productive during our down time.

However when you’re in a country where the average television has over 100 channels, it’s hard not to turn it on just to see if anything is worth viewing. Often we would switch on the TV for background noise and then catch something that was so fascinating that we just had to keep watching.

Reality TV was our biggest enemy – we know that these shows are terrible, but for some crazy reason we just couldn’t get enough of them!

Truck Stop Missouri

This show on the Travel Channel is based around a busy truck stop in the middle of America. There are 12 businesses on the lot including a tattoo parlour and an antique shop but the show’s primary focus is on the eccentric people who come through the truck stop with even stranger stories.

Check out the video below for some of the show’s highlights!

Hardcore Pawn

TruTV’s Hardcore Pawn is about the day-to-day happenings at American Jewelry, a pawn shop in Detroit, Michigan. Like Truck Stop Missouri, it focuses on the people who visit the shop and there’s enough conflict and humor to keep you entertained for hours!

Operation Repo

Also on TruTV, Operation Repo is about a car repossession business in California that employs some colorful characters. While it’s not 100% authentic (the show is made up of dramatized re-enactments based on real events), it’s still very amusing. Just watch below…

Bad Girls Club

What can we say about Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club? It’s absolute trash and the show centers around a group of women with low morals who seem to fight a hell of a lot. It’s pretty much pointless, but somewhat addictive! We don’t know how!

Jersey Shore

Now this show we watched before we left on our trip, but being able to catch new episodes in the US meant that we were glued to the television on a Thursday night  whenever we had MTV. Unlike the other shows on this list with low viewership, Jersey Shore attracts an audience of millions and it’s a program we’ll continue to watch!

Have you watched any of these shows before? Or do you want to confess a TV show that sucks you in every time? Let us know below!

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