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The Bondi Surf Experience

The Bondi Surf Experience

A stop at Sydney’s world-famous Bondi Beach is on most visitors itineraries and whether sunbathing, swimming or simply people watching is your thing, doing it on the pristine sands of Australia’s most popular beach is about as good as it gets.

Bondi Beach

But if you want to step it up a notch, riding a wave at beautiful Bondi Beach is an experience that you’ll never forget. Let’s Go Surfing, the only officially licensed surf school on Bondi, offers board hire and lessons catering for all skill levels from beginners to advanced.

I’d managed to stand up on a couple of waves nearly two years prior while surfing Hawaii but one lesson doesn’t make you an expert so I stuck with a beginners class. The first thing I noticed was that the technique they taught was completely different – there was no getting onto your knees or a crouch, it was straight up to your feet from a vertical position!

Time would tell how easy that would be.

Bondi Surfing Lesson

Shannon and Adam were our two surf instructors for the morning and after a quick crash course we headed into the water on the southern end of Bondi Beach, an area reserved for surfers.

The entire group paddled out and one-by-one we took it in turns to catch a wave. It was within minutes that I learned my first lesson of the day – kayaking uses similar shoulder muscles to surfing and just paddling out was a challenge after a massive kayak the day before.

But fortunately I managed to fight through the pain and it wasn’t long before I was riding the waves of Bondi Beach on a surfboard. Whooooooooooooo!

Kieron surfing Bondi

After catching a few waves, I learned my second lesson of the day. Be sure to stretch well beforehand! I started suffering from painful calf cramps and was forced to come in to shore before the end of the lesson. But despite not getting my full two hours in the water, it was still an amazing experience and something I’d love to do again the next time I’m in Sydney.

By now the crowds were starting to increase so if surfing Bondi Beach is something you’d like to do as well be sure to take a morning class before the people arrive!

Would you want to catch a wave on Bondi Beach?
Or is people watching and sunbathing good enough for you?


Experience Sydney in 360˚

Sydney 360

A brand new innovation from Destination NSW allows us to participate in some of these iconic Sydney experiences before we even book a flight there.

We can now surf on Bondi Beach and kayak on Sydney Harbour without getting wet! We can also fly a helicopter over the Harbour without leaving the ground thanks to the new 360˚ video developed and launched by Destination NSW.

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