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Best Ways To Reduce Your European Holiday Budget

Best Ways To Reduce Your European Holiday Budget

In the current economic climate it makes sense to save money wherever possible. Your holiday should be no exception, so here are some top tips to help you keep the cost of your holiday to a minimum.

Foreign Currency

Firstly, never exchange money at the airport, as this is probably by far the most expensive place to do so. By pre-booking your currency you can ensure you get the best deal. For those who prefer not to travel with cash, a preloaded currency card such as the FairFX Foreign Currency Card allows you to purchase currency at fixed rates agreed in advance. Alternatively, FairFX and International Currency Exchange (ICE) offer competitive rates and will deliver your travel money directly to you. To avoid even steeper exchange rates, always choose to pay in local currency rather than sterling. It is best to try and avoid using cash machines as charges can be as much as 6%, but if you have to, again opt for local currency.


Your home insurance may cover you for personal items while travelling in Europe and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will cover you for any treatment you might need until your planned return. For essential additional cover, a price comparison site will allow you to choose the best insurance for your needs at the best price. Remember, your bank account may also offer free holiday insurance.

Special Offers

Booking early or last minute could reduce the cost of your holiday by hundreds of pounds. Special offers and late availability deals, such as those on coach holidays & tours by enable you to make the most of your holiday budget. Subscribe for special offer emails and be kept up to date with the latest deals. Being flexible with regards travel dates and destinations can pay off and an element of spontaneity adds to the excitement of your break.

Mobile Phone Bills

Making and receiving calls on your mobile while abroad can prove costly. What’s more, you may have little idea as to how much you are being charged until you receive a bill on your return home. Most service providers offer specialist packages that can vastly reduce charges, however, you often need to ‘opt in’ to take advantage of these. Texts are free to receive anywhere, so remind friends and family to text rather than call. It is best turn off data roaming wherever possible but for essential usage, purchase add-ons and utilise Wi-Fi hotspots and services, such as Viber to make voice calls. Always report missing or stolen mobile phones or run the risk of being surprised by hefty account charges, for which you may be liable.

Look After the Pennies and the Pounds Will Look After Themselves!

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Every penny counts, so making even small savings will add up over the course of your time away. Go self-catering for one meal a day, plan excursions in advance, look out for special tourist cards which could give you discounts on local services and attractions and if you are feeling brave, why not try bartering where appropriate?

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