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Thailand – More Sights To See Than Meets The Eye?

ThailandSource: Virgin Holidays

Holidaymakers who head to Eastern Asia go for a variety of reasons. They might go because they fancy a change of scenery, because they like the food on offer there, for a little peace and quiet or because they’re hoping to take in a number of world-famous and obscure sights that they might only be able to see once in their lifetimes.

Sightseeing is perhaps the best reason to visit Thailand, although culture, relaxation and cuisine are other good reasons. In this part of the world, there’s so much to see and take photos of, but which sights are the best to see for you? What makes them so special?

Here are just a few for your consideration:

Chiang Mai

For anyone wanting to give capital city Bangkok a swerve, they could do worse than visit this northern city. Although Chiang Mai itself isn’t a sight, there are numerous impressive Buddhist temples to explore and meditate in, while it’s near the famous Golden Triangle where the Thai border meets Vietnam and Laos.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

If you’re in and around the Thai capital, there is one place you must see before you head back home. The Grand Palace is a majestic building which has been home to the country’s royal family for centuries. The entire compound provides endless opportunities to take photos and see what traditional Thai architecture is like.

Wat Pho, Bangkok

Being a country steeped in Buddhist tradition, it’s no surprise that there are so many temples and other spiritual sites around Thailand, but Wat Pho is more than just an ordinary site. A UNESCO-registered site, Wat Pho is a great place to learn about Thai history and about the creation of alternative therapies. It’s also known as a centre for massage training.

Koh Ngam Island

Lying off the south-eastern coast of Koh Chang, this rocky island comprises of two tall mountains and is a great place to visit if you want to escape the busy cities and beaches. Koh Ngam Island has a small sandy beach at the base of the rocks and mountains, and in between the two peaks, there are a couple of lagoons which are begging to be explored.

Ratchaphurek Garden

Just a few miles away from Chiang Mai, this lush public garden has it all for anyone with an interest in exotic horticulture. The combination of exquisite plants, ornate architecture and its splendid mountain backdrop make Ratchaphruek Garden one of the best possible places to visit if you fancy seeing something a little different while on your travels in Thailand.

Koh Chang Beach

Something Thailand has that helps to bring in millions of visitors annually is its vast array of beaches, with Koh Chang one of the best. Here, you can visit some of the nearby towns and cities, try and get yourself a suntan and even take some photos. You could even go swimming and observe some of the local sea-life including coral if you desire – scuba diving is also particularly popular in Koh Chang.

As you can see this is just a slight snippet of some activities that are available in Thailand making this one of the most travelled to destinations, especially for backpackers.

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