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Guest Post: Malta – The Big Picture

Guest Post: Malta – The Big Picture

This is a sponsored guest post by Guy Arnold. Guy, from leafy Hertfordshire, England, loves to write about anything, especially if it’s travel-related. Travelling more of the world and seeking adventure is a passion he hopes to continue with.

If you’ve never been to Malta before then you could be forgiven, when you hear that it’s among a group of islands just off Sicily, for thinking it’s a place with beaches upon which holiday-goers sprawl while the resorts stand like a row of teeth behind them. If someone sent you a postcard from Malta then, sure, the sea and a beach would be on there somewhere, but not in the foreground. What would be the focus is probably an ancient building of some sort; an old fortification from World War II. Malta played an important role in the war since it was used by the British to defend against German and Italian bombardments. There was a submarine base there, and Valletta, Malta’s capital, is said to be pretty much an open-air museum. It’s a world heritage site where visitors can mosey down its crooked streets, taking in the atmosphere of a historically important area.

Don’t worry if history isn’t your thing, there’s plenty more that Malta has to offer. For example, there’s the Ta’ Qali National Park. Situated in the centre of Malta, the park is home to Malta’s National Stadium, and a popular vegetable market, attracting travellers and locals alike. It’s a great place for visitors to gain a sense of Maltese social culture. One particular occasion, an annual event held between July 28th and August 6th, is the Farsons Beer Festival. This definitely attracts the locals (an estimated 70,000 a year) because of its friendly atmosphere, sizzling burgers and, of course, the plentiful supply of ale. Teenagers and grandparents alike enjoy this unique occasion without any fuss or bother and, to top it off, there are live bands to dance badly too once you’ve had that one-pint-too-many.

St Julians

St Julian’s

Speaking of music, if you’re a party animal and love nothing more than waking up in the morning with the pulse of bass still throbbing in your ears, head to Paceville. Located just west of Valletta, there’s a village in Paceville called St. Julian’s. It’s known locally as the party capital of Malta and, judging by the array of clubs and bars on offer, it more than proves itself as the best example of Malta nightlife. It’s all go here, with R&B, hip-hop, dance, trance, electro and rock all blended into one as you make your way around the closely packed party parade. All the joints pretty much neighbour each other so getting around St. Julian’s isn’t a problem. Neither is getting to the place; simply hop on a bus (the cheapest option) from pretty much anywhere on the island, and it’ll take you there. There are also return buses from midnight to one O’clock, and an early-bird taxi service with group discount on offer.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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